Cody Jink Isn’t The Devil

Life and love don’t always work out the way we expect them to, and yet, we push on. Cody Jinks’ new album, I’m Not The Devil reflects on that. Due out on August 12th, the album has already begun arriving in the mailboxes of some of you lucky people.

The maturity that sometimes comes with living is evident in this lyrically meaningful, vocally powerful release. Religious ideals of right and wrong push to the surface of reality, questioning the boxes that we are expected to fit in, and searching for something beyond. There are reminders of fallibility, coming of age, and not only coming to terms with, but discovering something meaningful, despite circumstances. Perhaps, finding the perfect in the imperfect.

The title track, and my favorite, “I’m Not The Devil,” co-written with one of my favorite up and coming artists, Ward Davis, asks for a sort of forgiveness. “I’m not the devil you think that I am. Ain’t no excuse, but I’m just a man.” Along the same lines, “No Words” admits that the woman may be in a better position without him, thanking her for staying and loving him as he is. “She’s All Mine” is a classic country love song, celebrating the incredible woman he’s lucky enough to hold.

High energy songs include “No Guarantees,” about arriving at the age of 35, musing, “The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know,” and continuing to chase your dream, whatever that might be. With what may fit well on the Smokey and the Bandit soundtrack, “Chase That Song” is a fast-paced number about ending up in non-ideal locations. You might also find yourself singing along to the rock tinged “Hand Me Down” on the first listen.

In “Grey,” finding the good in the gloomy pervades, urging one to find the color in the gray. “Give All You Can,” discusses helping others in need, as they have helped him. “The Way That I Am,” is a song about accepting oneself. The melody in these songs may be slow, but in them, there is joy among the reflection. I’ve had “I’m Not The Devil” by Cody Jinks in rotation non-stop for the past week, and I can’t get enough of it. If you already have it, let me know what you think! If you don’t, I urge you to pick yourself up a copy.

“I’m Not The Devil” by Cody Jinks is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Cody Jinks I'm Not The Devil

Author: Holly Horn

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