Cody McCarver Rises Up With Outlaw Gospel

Cody McCarver has enjoyed quite the career in Country Music. He’s recorded a duet with Johnny Paycheck, toured with legendary outlaw David Allan Coe, and been a part of the award-winning group Confederate Railroad. As a solo artist, he has been named as Music Row’s “Independent Artist of the Year” for three straight years. It sounds like he was on top of the world. Not so fast.

“There was a lot of good things happening for me. But, I turned a pretty hard road into drinking a fifth of whiskey every day, and my bus was full of drugs. I was in a bad way. My dad had just died in prison, and my mom is an addict. All of these things just fell on me, and life got heavier and harder. Then, one morning, I went to Church. I wound up in the little Church I grew up in, hunting for something bigger than me. I started writing Gospel songs. I’m doing acoustic sit-down things in a Church that holds 200 people, to playing Churches that has 25,000 members, to motorcycle rallies.”

Those Gospel songs have led Cody McCarver to tilt his music in a new direction – one that he calls “Outlaw Gospel.” So how does he classify that?

“God and Country Music have always gone together. With that said, we shot this video called ‘Rise Up.’ It was a song that I wrote that’s semi-political, yet at the same time semi-Christian. Flick Wiltshire has a video company and has done them for people like Alan Jackson and Tracy Lawrence. He actually filmed this one.”

Cody McCarver also credits Deb Haus for her role in making the video.

“We put the video out in December, and Country Rebel got five million likes. We’ve just started to go to radio, and we’ve got an album #Hallelujah, which will be out in April.”

The singer has become a favorite at Churches throughout the southeast United States, and he said he feels there is an audience out there that will be receptive to the message in the music.

“A guy named Lew Card and I are developing a record company. We’re going to call it 814 Records. It probably would be called a ‘faith-based label.’ There’s a lot of positive Country-type stations popping up. John Ritter has been doing this for a long time with his show Rise Up. There’s a lot of people that are doing stuff like that. It’s a type of music that won’t fit into either genre. But, there is an audience who wants to hear it. I’ve been really influenced by a book titled ‘Beautiful Outlaw’ from an author named John Eldredge. Then, I began to look at things like Duck Dynasty, and the reason for a lot of the appeal to it is the faith behind it. They pray at the end of the show. I got to thinking that a fan of that show might really like something called ‘Outlaw Gospel.’”

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Author: Chuck Dauphin

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