Single Review: Colby Dee – American Point of View

One might look at the title of the new single from Georgia-raised Colby Dee, and think the song is making some kind of political statement. After all, the song is titled “American Point Of View.” Given the fact that 2016 is an election year unlike any other, you might think “Uh, oh. There’s some kind of hidden meaning here.”

Well, relax. This isn’t one of those songs.

Colby Dee, who first turned heads (and ears) with her intoxicating debut single, “He Don’t Know,” moved to Nashville in 2011. Since then, she has steadily built a reputation as one of the top young singer-songwriters in the business, gaining attention from many of the top players in town – even warranting several pieces in Billboard. As an artist, she has grown immeasurably since that move to Nashville, and her performances have become much talked about in the Music City landscape.

For her current single, she doesn’t opine about which side of the political fence you need to swing from – nor does she resort to another song that takes a look at the many sacrifices that have been given for us to enjoy those freedoms that we too often take for granted. That would be a noble act, but it’s been done – many times over.

What Colby Dee has done is put together a song that illustrates what those courageous acts of honor have helped us to enjoy. Being able to drive down the highways of this country, sipping on a Coke (with peanuts, no less!) while listening to “The Boss” on the radio with a full tank of gas, she pays tribute to a way of life that we all love. From the majestic beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway in California to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, there’s something special about the land in which we live. You could also say the same for the stunning beauty of the farmland of the Midwest – or the rural imagery of small southern towns like Iuka, Mississippi or Eastman, Georgia. Simply put, America rocks – no matter where you go, and it’s a place that needs to be celebrated every day.

For her part, Colby Dee gives the song an energetic performance that embodies the lyrics that she’s singing. As an artist who has made her share of the seemingly endless radio tours that artists embark on at the beginning stages of their career, you can tell that she believes the words she is singing, from first-hand experience.

She has developed her talent so much over the past five years, and hopefully songs like this will speak to her already-strong fan base, but also gain her a few new ones. Country fans in Nashville and Georgia have known about the talents of one Colby Dee for some time now. The rest of the world needs to get on the bandwagon! And, that’s whether you are Democrat or Republican. I think loyalists to both parties will not find anything to disagree about here!

Colby Dee American Point of View

“American Point of View” by Colby Dee is available now at iTunes.

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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