Cole Swindell Brings You Down Home Sessions

Tomorrow night’s Country Music #CMchat guest, Cole Swindell, has made his mark on the industry in just a short time. Between hit songs he has penned that have been recorded by other artists and his own trifecta of single releases that have wowed fans and industry professionals alike, Cole has set the stage for a long and lustrous career in country music.

Following the success of his self-titled debut album, the abundantly talented singer-songwriter headed back into the studio to put together a five-track EP entitled Down Home SessionsIn a recent interview, Cole explained how he rested on the idea behind the EP:

I started my career kinda by writing songs. I felt like when we were getting to make my album and what songs were gonna make it, I knew we didn’t have enough room to get some of the ones that I really wanted folks to hear. So the fact that Warner [Music Nashville] supported me and let me put some music out for the fans kind of as a thank you for supporting me this far … I’ll be touring some clubs around the country, the Down Home Tour, so we named it the “Down Home Sessions.”

What Cole Swindell has been so brilliant at since he stepped out from behind the songwriter curtain and into his own spotlight is never releasing the same song twice. In other words, Cole has made sure that those who listen to country music and hear a Cole Swindell song can never put a finger on the track and say “that’s typical Cole.” This sentiment holds true on Down Home Sessions.

The EP contains five songs that vary in tempo and focus on a subject with which Cole has proven his familiarity — love in many stages. Whether he is singing about a woman who has taken up residency in his head or how a flirtatious female is taking him for a ride on an emotional roller coaster, Cole pours himself into his lyrics wholeheartedly and believably.

“Ready,” “The Way You’re Lovin’ Me Now,” and “Kiss” are upbeat tracks that are centered around an irresistible lady who Cole can’t shake, while “Workin’ on Me” and “Boomerang,” likewise, expose the country crooner in his lovestruck and lustful state of being. Perhaps the highlights of the collection are the final two tracks, “Workin’ on Me” and “Boomerang,” each of which showcase Cole’s vocals and vulnerability in unique ways; but, as with Cole’s entire catalog, it is like attempting to choose your favorite child in selecting the track that stands out over the others.

Make sure to leave a comment here to let us know what you think of Cole Swindell’s EP (which can be downloaded by using the iTunes banner below). Cole is currently out on the Down Home Tour, the dates for which you can find by clicking here.

Don’t forget to join Jessica Northey and Country Music #CMchat for a Humpday Hookup with Cole Swindell, tomorrow, Wednesday December 10th at 12pPT/3pET. To find out how you can participate, click here.

Watch behind-the-scenes studio footage of Down Home Sessions

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