7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The New Cole Swindell Album

Cole Swindell’s self-titled debut album went platinum, and his latest album, slated for release on May 6, encompasses every quality needed to follow suit on the charts. The highly anticipated new album, You Should Be Here demonstrates Swindell’s maturity as an artist, by not only including fun party songs but digging deeper emotionally. At the risk of sounding cliché, Swindell whole-heartedly wants everyone to know that he “could not be more proud of everything on this album.” Here are 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The New Cole Swindell Album.

1. It’s Flirty

“Stars” digs into the vulnerability of a new love affair in a light-hearted way, and then there’s “Flatliner” which is certain to be a smash. Besides the obvious treat of hearing Dierks Bentley’s sultry smooth voice paired with Swindell’s, you’ll hear a fast-paced beat while the lyrics portray a man who describes his feelings about his love interest as being a “Flatliner” to his heart. Witty phrases like, “Oh my I see the light, I don’t mean the neon kind,” and silly banter between the two enhance the track. Fun fact: Swindell wrote “Flatliner” with Bentley in mind a few years back, but he didn’t have contact with Bentley back then. What was Swindell’s response to recording it with Bentley for this album? “I’ve stopped questioning how things work! You work hard and let your team take care of the rest. It ended up just how it was supposed to. Hopefully, we will get to perform it together one day!”

2. There Is Lots Of Love

In “Making My Way to You” Swindell explains “I took a few wrong turns down a couple old back roads, but wound up where I was supposed to, making my way to you.” This track has hit potential in every crevice of the song, from the melody, to the lyrics, and every strum in between. Closing out the album, Swindell broadcasts his love advice as well as the type of guy he wants to be, in “Remember Boys” and though he didn’t write it himself, he wishes he did. It is a MUST listen.

3. You’ll Feel Comforted

When you’re hurting, one of the most healing coping mechanisms is music that relates and expresses your deep-seeded grief. Sometimes you need to hop in the car and take a ride while listening to those types of songs, and this album has some that will keep you company. The title track, “You Should Be Here” spent multiple weeks at No. 1, and that is because of its significant impact on listeners. In fact, one radio personality, Mike Dubs of BUZ’N 102.9 expressed his keenness of the song when he jokingly labeled a box of Kleenex as “the official ‘You Should Be Here’ tissues” because the song taps into your emotions so deeply. In terms of lost love, “Broke Down” is one of those tracks you can throw on when your heart feels stabs by a dagger, just to realize that you’re not the only one in the world who has ever hurt that way, and you will move on after you grieve a bit. On making music that people can feel comforted by, Swindell said, “I think we have a responsibility, when you’re doing what I’m doing, to help people.”

4. New Party Anthems

With the hometown crowd cheering in the intro, you’ll be transported back to a high school football game during “Home Game.” The reminiscent lyrics and musicality stay true to Swindell’s typical sound in his slower songs, but in a slightly more mature way than on his first album. Co-written by Swindell, 90s country style riffs make the party anthem, “No Can Left Behind” a surefire choice to rock every frat party, tailgate party, and every situation requiring an ice cold beer and a damn good time!

5. It’s What You Need To Hear About Moving On

Sick of the rebound motion with the same old fling over and over? “Stay Downtown” is the perfect response to that game. On the other side of moving on, the slow-paced, softer vocals in “Middle of a Memory” explore the feelings of the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” when you’re sharing good vibes with someone, but they suddenly leave you feeling as though they are uninterested.

6. His Continued Support Of The U.S. Military

Swindell is openly supportive of the U.S. Military, and he is currently planning to embark on a USO Tour this year. He has close military ties, as his late father, Keith Swindell was an Air Force Sergeant, and his fraternity brother, Kyle Davis, served five tours in Afghanistan with the Special Forces. In honor of Military Appreciation Month (May) Swindell is teaming up with the USO to honor U.S. service members. He is urging fans to gift his album to service members from now until May 31, 2016. Additionally, Swindell is directly donating $1 from every new album gifted via his official store to the USO.

7. The Songwriting

In the past, Swindell has co-written many songs recorded by artists such as Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, and Florida Georgia Line, as well as claiming No. 1s on his previous album, and he hopes to keep the momentum rolling. Swindell wrote eight out of 13 songs on You Should Be Here, and he said, “Some of the best country songwriters in the world are right here and I am lucky enough to be at a point where they are wanting me to record their stuff. If I didn’t write it, it has to sound like I did, and I think we achieved that!” Swindell also commented that though he doesn’t write as much as he used to, he still takes every opportunity he has to continue writing. He is excited about being on the road for his upcoming tour with FGL and Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three, and hopes to put together some songwriting sessions with them. “I’ve learned that you’ve got to show up to write a song, even if that means canceling previous plans.”

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