Music Review: @ColeSwindell “You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey”


Up and coming bro-country music artist Cole Swindell isn’t just “Chillin It” anymore. His latest single “You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” is a slightly new twist on what most would call “the typical heart-broke country song.” In the song he is completely apathetic and “so over” what caused said relationship to end. Lyrics like “I’ll drink to another work week gone” and “to those saving our ass over seas”. It sounds to me like Cole is saving the whiskey and beer for toasts, celebrations, and relaxing after a long, tedious work week. Not only does he make honorable mention of our brave men and women over seas serving our country, but he is hell bent on letting go of old memories, deep cuts, and a broken heart.

This song is also vastly different from his previous hit “Chillin It”. The newest single is slower, a little more somber, and what might even seem like regrets for “holding onto the past”. Either way we know its going to be just as successful as his first single, “Chillin It”.

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Now and then, a song and artist can’t be denied.  Just last year, Cole Swindell was nothing more or less than a terrific songwriter with a Nashville publishing deal and a growing reputation as one of the city’s most exciting young performers. Now, he’s on the road to stardom.

The gateway is “Chillin’ It,” a song as infectious and groove-laden as anything out there, with a laid-back summertime charm that perfectly captures the guy who wrote and performs it. Independent radio airplay and social media quickly turned it into a sensation. With sales continuing to rise, “Chillin’ It” is trending to be his first Gold certified single. A sold-out performance at a 600-seat club in Atlanta did the rest. It was attended by Nashville label reps wanting to see if the guy from tiny Bronwood, Georgia, could put on stage what he had put on CD. The offers that poured in from virtually every major label meant the answer was an absolute “yes.”


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