Cole Swindell’s ‘Break up in the End’ Teaches us Three Things About Regret

Have you ever been with someone who wasn’t necessarily bad for you, but they also weren’t “the one?” That’s the type of relationship Cole Swindell’s latest single, “Break up in the End” addresses.

Break up in the End” begins with delicate guitar notes followed by Cole’s slow, slightly somber voice, which becomes more confident and hopeful as the song progresses. Written by Jon Nite, Chase McGill, and Jessie Jo Dillon, it’s a bit of storytelling with a gentle “lesson learned” attitude. If you listen closely, you’ll hear three main points that Cole Swindell teaches the listeners about regret

1. Have no regrets, regardless

“Even if I knew you’d be the one that got away I’d still go back and get you.” Even if you knew the outcome of your relationship was going to end in its demise, you also realize it still needs to happen. If something happened in your life, it was meant to teach you, give you wisdom, or build your character, and you should never regret it because of that.

2. Cherish the memories without regret

“I’d still play my favorite song in your car, let you love me to it till it felt like ours.” It’s easy to say that we wish we could sometimes even forget the good times when we’re bitter after a breakup. However, the attitude in this song presents the idea that even if something doesn’t work out in the end, it’s acceptable to cherish the memories.

3. In lieu of regret, learn something from the relationship. 

“You’re just calling cause you’re lonely, that’s ok. But you know if you come over, I cannot let you in, even though we’ll break up in the end.” BAAAAAM. This line shouts, “lesson learned!” It speaks deeply to those relationships that sometimes linger post-breakup. It’s ok that you’re not together anymore, and it’s ok to be lonely because of that. However, there comes a time when you have to move on, and you can’t do that by going back to your ex to fill the void.

Give “Break up in the End” a listen, and if you like what you hear, don’t forget to request it to your local country music radio stations!

Author: Tiera Bolt

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