Colt Ford’s “4 Lane Gone” is the NEW Break-up Melody

Average Joes Entertainment leading man, and co-founder Colt Ford has graced country music with his authentic and captivating brand of hick hop. However, this time around Colt Ford has switched gears.

“4 Lane Gone” is the first single to be released from his upcoming album due out early next year titled “Love Hope Faith.” It’s a mid-tempo tune with an endearing melody and tender lyrics. It’s embraced by the sound of steel guitars and drum kicks. This particular track Ford takes on a different skill than he does with any of his previous releases as he focuses on the vocalizing instead of the talk-style rapping.

Written by Houston Philips, Josh Thompson, and Kyle Fishman, ‘4 Lane Gone’ is catchy and interesting. The new track is a break-up song which describes two people in two totally different environments. Ford sings, “I’m bummed out back road buzzed and she’s 4 lane gone.” With that one line alone, it’s obvious these two individuals are at two different points in their life and also their personalities.

Although this isn’t the redneck, trailer park anthem that we have grown to love over the years from Ford, it’s a great introduction to his overall talent and diversity. Ford decided to be bold and daring – and it surely paid off.

Watch Colt Ford’s lyric video for “4 Lane Gone” and buy on itunes here.

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colt ford 4 lane gone


Author: Brittany Vance

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