#CMchat Concert Review: Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett played his final concert of 2013 to a packed crowd at Cadillac Jacks in Ft Myers, FL last night. He opened the set with “Whatcha Got in that Cup” and moved to favorites such as “Make Me Wanna”, “Front Porch Junkies” and “All-American Middle Class White Boy”. He’s a good ol’ southern boy who has a talent for drawing in his fans with his eyes, smile, and occasionally a point in their direction. His performance is energetic and charismatic while still giving you the illusion you are sitting by a bonfire at times. Its a talent that not many can pull off.

The biggest suprise of the night was “Beer for Jesus”.  The song received much controversy when it was released because people simply didn’t get it…or didn’t want to get it. I liken it to the old Scruples question “who, alive or dead, would you have dinner with if given a chance”. Last night I cringed as the first few chords played. I was expecting a mixed reaction…some kind of revolt. What happened instead gave me chills. The crowd was singing loud, swaying, united in the emotion of the song. Im not sure who those critics were but they sure weren’t in Ft Myers last night.

The hooting and hollering turned up a notch when Rhett covered 2 songs he cowrote. “Parking Lot Party” was recorded by Lee Brice and “Round Here” was recorded by Florida Georgia Line and held a solid run at the #1 spot.

“Get Me Some of That” pulls you in with the very first line “Yeah girl, been diggin’ on you”. The song shows off his soulful voice, a beautiful melody mixed with a catchy hook “You’re shakin’ that money maker, like a heart breaker, like your college major”. I downloaded this song and hit repeat, again, and again, and again. Its going to be a favorite and “Get Me Some of That” is bound to be the next #1 single for Rhett.

He ended the show with the title track off his new album “It Goes Like This” released in October by Valory Music Group. The first single, “It Goes Like This” was certified Gold in September and sat at the top spot in Mediabase, iTunes and Billboard charts for several consecutive weeks.

Its going to be fun to watch the career of Thomas Rhett evolve. He’s really just starting out, albeit with a #1 hit. With his charming personality and music literally running through his veins this 23 year old is going to be a major contender in the world of country music.

~Kim Hooker @HookedUpCountry

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