Country Music #CMchat’s #25DaysOfCountryChristmas: @ConnieBritton & @WillChaseMe

When it comes to Christmas music, there are few songs that are universally loved or hated more than “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” which Country Music #CMChat brings to you on this tenth day of Christmas by Connie Britton and Will Chase. While this song has been performed time and time again by basically every pairing you could imagine, we were watching and loving the Winter Finale of ABC’s Nashville last night, so this version just made perfect sense.

On the flirty and countrified version of the song, both Connie & Will play the song’s characters perfectly, each perfectly matching their TV characters of Rayna and Luke on the TV drama. Here, Chase, like Luke Wheeler, is charismatic, flirty and fun, pleading with Britton to stay, as she plays the responsible, level-headed and yet playfully coy female.

“You know how people are, there’s bound to be talk tomorrow,” Britton muses, as Chase lays the charm on thick. “At least there’ll be plenty implied.” As the song ends, Britton makes it clear that she isn’t staying with a playful “Goodbye” and we have to wonder if Rayna can’t stay because her heart is still with Deacon?

Also, I have to wonder if I’m too invested in the lives of TV characters. Either way, Britton and Chase shine on the playful “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” which appears on the new album, Christmas with Nashville.

Listen to Connie Britton and Will Chase sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside”!


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