EP Review: Cort Carpenter – Changing Lanes

Nashville sensation, Cort Carpenter, is back at it again with the release of his third EP Changing Lanes. This has been a long time coming for Carpenter, who released his latest single, “Let Me See Your Koozie” last summer. The single has gained momentum since, propelling Carpenter into a new direction with his music. While recording songs for this EP, Carpenter’s producers, Jay Tooke and Craig Wilson, found the Seattle native’s “true” sound this time. You’ll hear a strong “west coast country” vibe, which he is thrilled to share with the world via these new tracks.

Appropriately titled, Changing Lanes is the first EP by Carpenter to present country music while intermixing multiple musical elements, such as pop and electronic beats. Kicking off the EP is a party anthem that would surely fit into the soundtrack for movies like The Hangover. “Vegas” will get you hyped up for a night out with explosive, fist-pumping beats. In “Wrong Kinda Right,” the lyrics expose, “like mixing whiskey and wine, you’re a bad, bad night” which scopes out the Jekyll and Hyde character that the female villain appears to be in a relationship. While the guy knows she’s a bad decision, he is still magnetically drawn to her.

The energy continues through “It’s a Problem,” which is a battle of heart and mind, in song form, over a new love interest. It’s sexy, it’s fast paced, and it will get your head bouncing along from the first entrancing note of the track. “Fire in the Night” packs less of a country punch, and features more EDM-enhanced beats. It’s likely what most influenced Changing Lanes as the title of the EP. The lyrics are more repetitive than other tracks, “be the fire in the night, ready to ignite” with more concentration on the changing music elements such as beat drops and synthesizers. I can see this being a popular track with those who aren’t quite aboard the country music train, but are interested in the cross-over tracks.

The energy in Changing Lanes doesn’t slow down until the fifth song, “Better Than That,” which highlights Carpenter’s deep voice while exploring an apparent love triangle situation. Intriguing, buoyant guitar strums accompany a reflective melody in “What Were We Drinking.” The lyrics are the thoughts of someone reminiscing over a past relationship, wishing they could “take one sip, taste those lips, because you and I were the perfect blend.”

The fan favorite poolside party song, “Let Me See Your Koozie” caps off this mesmerizing EP. With relevant, storyteller songs, sprinkled with an edgy twist, Changing Lanes is sure to be the soundtrack to your most adventurous summer yet.

Changing Lanes is available now on iTunes.

Cort Carpenter Changing Lanes

Author: Tiera Bolt

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