Escape to Your “Holy Ground” in Cort Carpenter’s New Single

Nashville recording artist, Cort Carpenter, just released his latest single, “Holy Ground,” and it is speaking to fans on a deep level. Musically, it’s a soft-spoken ode to a place of refuge, brought to life with Cort’s smooth vocals, complemented by delicate guitar strums. It was recorded at Rukkus Room in Nashville, Tennessee, and co-produced by Nick Gibbons and Ryan Sorestad.

This single will transport you to that special place that is comforting, familiar, and feels like “home.” It might be a spot from your past, or perhaps it’s a certain location where you meditate, pray, or that simply makes your stress melt away. Whatever that place is to you, that is your holy ground, and that is what this single explores.

Written by Cort Carpenter and Ryan Sorestad, “Holy Ground” is a bit reminiscent, linking to memories of times spent in that place. The lyrics recall, “if it can save a man like me, it’s worth a trip just to see it now; this holy ground.” Carpenter told us that he’s “grateful for how the production helped bring out the emotion of the song,” and he hopes this relatable tune will be heard by country music fans and country music radio alike.

What does this single specifically mean to Cort? “It was written to tell my personal story while transporting the listeners to theirs. Every person in the world has that place close to their heart, and it’s important that we all have a way to get back there.”

Holy Ground” will be your escape back to that spot.

Be sure to give “Holy Ground” a listen and keep up with Cort Carpenter on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and his website. If you like it, don’t forget to add “Holy Ground” to your playlist on Spotify, or download it on iTunes!


Author: Tiera Bolt

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