3 Reasons You Need to go to Country Fest Ohio

Country Fest Ohio is a non-stop three-day party in which your favorite country artists come to life. There’s nothing like a country music festival, so if you didn’t go this year, here are three reasons why you have to go next year.

New artists:

Kane Brown had a major task ahead of him- kick off country fest. Breaking into the country music scene not long ago, Kane gained fans through social media and won my heart with his country covers that I stumbled across on Twitter. It would usually just be him and maybe a friend. He succeeded and officially started Country Fest with a set that was hard to beat.

Dylan Scott, most known for his hit single, “My Girl,” started Friday night off with a bang! He gave fans exactly what they were looking for and completely engaged with the crowd.

Drake White opened up Saturday and gave country music fans a little bit of soul with his set. Showing up barefoot with a cold drink in his hand made him an absolute favorite with Ohio fans. Singing some of my favorites from his newest album, Spark, Drake White charmed everyone with “Makin’ Me Look Good Again.” His ability to bring New Orleans to Ohio is unreal and I know folks appreciated it.

12 Concerts for one price. 

I mean you can’t beat this. What an incredible deal. It’s three days full of great music for one ticket price. You’ll even make some friends!

This year I had to go by myself, but I never really felt alone because Ohio country music fans always make you feel like you belong. The artists set this tone throughout the concert. When Cam sang her song “Burning House,” she made everyone put their arms around each other as we all sang the last chorus. It’s the type of environment that’s unlike any other.

The lineup: 

Thursday: Kane Brown, Cam, Granger Smith, Jake Owen

Friday: Dylan Scott, Michael Ray, Lee Brice, Justin Moore

Saturday: Drake White, Travis Tritt, Randy Houser, Blake Shelton

You can’t get anything else like it. One ticket price and this incredible lineup. I still can’t believe I had the chance to be a part of it.


When you have Jake Owen, Justin Moore, and Blake Shelton performing all in one weekend, you know if must be a dream. I mean stuff like this never happens, but you’re in luck because it did at Country Fest Ohio.

Jake Owen headlined Friday night ready to go to the beach. His bare feet, ripped jeans, and denim shirt, singing “Beachin’” really let the crowd come to life. There were beach balls flying around as people were singing every word. Also, covering songs by Johnny Cash and Brooks & Dunn, is always a good way to go. His rendition of “Ring of Fire” is unbeatable. I didn’t realize Jake Owen could sing that low. He impressed me and judging by the crowd and their screams, he amazed them too.

Justin Moore capped off Friday night with his typical Friday attire, white button-down, jeans, and his signature cowboy hat. You couldn’t miss him! His opening song “Hank It” put the crowd in a country style partying mood.

“You gotta Hank it
You can’t sip whiskey, gotta drink it
Push it up to ten and crank it”

I think my favorite thing about seeing Justin Moore live was just how into the performance he got. Each time he would end a song, he would do this “that was awesome” face. He then swept the crowd into some popular songs like “You Look Like I Need A Drink,” “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” “My Last Day,” and my personal favorite “Small Town USA.” The fans knew each song by heart and would drown out Justin especially during the chorus.

And for the last night, we had the main headliner- Blake Shelton, who is one of the biggest artists I’ve watched live. his set rolled off with “Neon Light” and went right into “All About Tonight.” He is no stranger to a crowd this size and knew how to work the entire stage. Luckily everyone in the crowd knew every song, so I wasn’t the only one fangirling. After singing some of his multiple number one songs like “Guy With A Girl,” “Came Here To Forget,” and “Gonna,” Blake made a point to call out Miranda during “She Got A Way With Words.” During the second verse, Blake said something like, “listen to this part y’all-it’s my favorite.”

“Little words like “I” and “do”
Lying, cheating, screwed
Yeah all the words I thought I knew
They got a brand new meaning now”

The fans went crazy after that! Screaming at the top of their lungs the rest of the song. It was obvious which side they were on. The best was when he came back out after his last song and sang “Footloose.” It was such a good cover and it fit him really well. He was dancing around the entire stage having the time of his life. Finally, he ended with arguably one of his biggest songs since “Austin” titled “God Gave Me You.” He sang well over 20 songs, totaling over two hours on stage. I’m not sure how he did it, but he managed with a smile on his face and a drink in his hand.

This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I can’t wait for next year. Get your tickets soon because I know they’ll go fast!

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