8 Country Stars We Wish Were Contestants on The Bachelor

Whether you’re an admitted fanatic of ABC’s The Bachelor, or not, you might give the show an opportunity if any of these 8 country stars were contestants! Would you accept this rose?

Chris Young – We’re just as shocked as you are that Chris Young is still on the market, but we aren’t complaining. With one deep look into the “Lonely Eyes” of Chris Young’s potential dates, they, and all of America will be hooked. That would be a season NOT to miss.


Dustin Lynch – With his sweet southern drawl and hundred-watt smile, Mr. Lynch is an expert at driving the ladies wild. I’d assume the majority of his dates would take place on the water, so be prepared for shirtless, wet bodied scenes. With Dustin Lynch as the next Bachelor, it would turn Monday night viewings into one “Hell of a Night!”


Chris Lane – He’s not shy about his Bachelor/ette fandom, and if you follow him on Snapchat, you might have caught him trying to play Chris Harrison and nominating members of his team for the Bachelor bus edition while he’s touring. However, I think Chris should claim a spot himself in the hot seat because, with his sense of humor, strong faith, and that swoon-worthy falsetto, he’d be quite the husband package for one lucky lady!


Brett Eldredge – You know you want to see those mesmerizing blue eyes every Monday night, “Don’t Ya?” Do you think he’d bring his puppy-son, Edgar? Either way, with Brett as the next Bachelor, it would be a season full of excitement and excessive laughter.


Chase Rice – With his prior reality TV show experience (CBS Survivor) meddled with his serenading capabilities, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed country guy is a Bachelor contender that is guaranteed to steal hearts and roses as the next Bachelor contender.

Kenny Chesney – One of the most difficult aspects of The Bachelor is that after the show is over and the contestant’s dating lives to return to normalcy, they won’t be waking up to beaches and fantasy dates every morning. However, if you date Kenny Chesney, you just might get those perks more frequently, because he lives his life like an Islander with a “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” kind of attitude.


Sam Hunt – Combine the fact that he has a southern swag that melts hearts, with the fact that he’s tall, dark, and handsome, and you have a recipe for enchantment. Close your eyes, crank up Sam Hunt’sSpeakers” and tell me he wouldn’t be the sexiest Bachelor they’ve ever had.


Kip Moore – Physically, his muscles and rocker flair are the “Heart’s Desire” of all the ladies, but let’s be honest, he’d also be a surefire magnet for good ratings. He’s genuine, and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. That would probably drive production absolutely insane on a daily basis, but we would be on the edge of our seats soaking up every single second.


Well that’s my list. Who is on yours? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Author: Tiera Bolt

Mix 1 part momma + 1 part writer + 1 part hairstylist. Add the love of laughter, adventure, and caffeine. Blend well with a passion for country music and hockey. Sprinkle with sass, and that's me.

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