#CMchat’s #CountryCadre Congratulates @JessicaNorthey – Top 40 Social Media Influencer

An article was released this week naming the Top 40 Social Media Influencers in the world and categorizing them into four separate and distinct archetypes. Our very own social media maverick, Jessica Northey, was included in the Top 40, sporting a “Klout” score higher than most. (Klout is to Social Media what Nielsen/Arbitron are to TV/Radio.) To say that Jessica’s Country Cadre is proud is an understatement, but we have to admit — none of us is truly surprised that she was spotlighted on this coveted list of the best in the industry.

The article’s archetypes include: Educators, Coaches, Charismatics, and Entertainers. It is certainly not shocking that we found Jessica under “Entertainers,” as she entertains all of us every day. The chart also shows that Jessica’s archetype is mostly engaging and inspirational. Jessica is definitely engaging on social media, posting daily quips, getting her followers excited for events, and in true Jessica fashion, constant tomfoolery. As far as inspirational, if quotes such as “don’t tweet your bathroom trips unless the toilet paper is made of hundred dollar bills” or teaching us that it’s perfectly acceptable to post a video on YouTube parodying a classic country song after too many mimosas is inspiring, then inspirational she is! Oh, that YouTube video also falls under “entertaining” and can be found below. Sorry I’m not sorry, Jessica.

In all seriousness, I/we couldn’t be prouder of Jessica. Speaking from the perspective of her Partner here at CMchatLIVE, I spend countless hours per day working with Jessica, and the amount of thought, preparation, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into all aspects of her life is immeasurable. As her partner-in-crime and in work, co-author, colleague, and best friend, it brings me great joy to share this news with all of you on behalf of our team and to congratulate Jessica on this huge accomplishment! I still wake up every day, pinch myself, and give gratitude that you picked me back when and continue to pick me every day.

The rest of the Country Cadre would also like to weigh in on our fearless leader’s success:

Nicole Piering: I knew OF Jessica Northey for a long time before I got to know Jessica Northey. After admiring her work from afar, it’s an honor to now work with her as a part of #CMChat. Her social media knowledge and reach is incomparable and we know we’re in for a ride whenever she says, “I’ve got an idea.” Congrats Jessica!

Scotty Bredin: As a college student and marketing major, working with Jessica Northey has been an eye-opening experience. I get to see things and learn things that I can’t learn in a classroom and am given opportunities that other college students (and country music lovers) can only dream about. I’m really proud to work with someone like Jessica. Congratulations, Boss!

Tyler Winters: “Entertaining” is definitely a word that describes you. It is such an honor to be working under you as you’ve taught me so much already. Your vision, motivation and creativity are so inspiring and the way you lead the team makes all those things contagious. Congratulations again, Jess on being picked as one of the Entertainers in the Top 40 Social Media Influencers.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica Northey, Top 40 Social Media Influencer in the world. We are honored and privileged to be on this journey with you! Thank you for choosing us! xo

Jessica Northey Top 40

Don’t leave before you check out Jessica and Natalie Murphy (fiddle playing extraordinaire) doing their rendition of “Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Johnny will never be the same again. Rumor has it, he entered the Witness Protection Program soon after this was posted on YouTube.

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