Country Music Stars Share Their Hangover Cures

No one wants to wake up with a missing tooth, a tiger in the bathroom, or a newly discovered baby in the closet. Though I would generally hate to speak for the masses and make a such a bold, blanket statement, I feel fairly confident in this one and will stand by it.

However, for those of us who fall victims to our own devices (and vices) during rowdy celebrations, there are certain things that are inevitable … and luckily, for most of us, that doesn’t include a gaping hole in lieu of an incisor. These inevitabilities consist of a pounding headache, a spinning room, that dragging feeling that overcomes us and makes us pretty worthless individuals for a day (or two), and the need to find the greasiest food out there to “soak up the alcohol.” Yes, my Country Music #CMchat friends, it’s that pesky thing we call a “hangover” that has plagued us all — and by “all,” I mean those of us who have reached the legal drinking ages in our respective countries.

Here’s the good news. If you are surfing the Internet today as you lay in bed, moaning about the unmemorable, albeit amazing, way you rung in the new year, our friends at B104 in Bloomington, Illinois have some hangover recovery tips for you, courtesy of some of today’s biggest country music stars. Bless you Buck Stevens and B104 for asking the age old question of “how do you cure a hangover?” to Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Kip Moore, and Kacey Musgraves, because, WOW, do our readers need those words of wisdom this morning.

Listen to what these country music superstars told B104 by listening to the sound bites below. Happy Hangover, friends!

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