Must See Country Mustaches – 7 Quick Clicks

Hollywood hunk, Zac Efron, recently debuted his new fashion accessory…a mustache. And it got me thinking about all the country stars that have rocked the ‘stache over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable ones.

1. Aaron Tippin, the man that brought us the hit song, “Working Man’s Ph.D” had a solid handlebar mustache that was a staple for hard working men everywhere.


2. Joe Diffie owned the more mature looking mustache…which is what is needed to really complete your moves when you’ve been taught how to do “The Diffie.”


3. Tim McGraw took a page out of Aaron’s playbook with his handlebar mustache.


4. Kix Brooks is a shoo-in.


5. This gem of Blake Shelton channeling his best Tom Selleck.


6. This is one look I hope Dierks Bentley doesn’t hold on to.


7. And lucky number 7 goes to the one who really wears the mustache the best….Alan Jackson.


Any others you think should’ve made the list?!

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