Why Dan + Shay’s New Video is Something Everyone Needs to Watch

Some of the hardest subjects are tackled through music and only a select few artists can do so correctly. Last night, Dan + Shay released a music video for their newest single “How Not To” that sent me into a multitude of emotions.

The video begins at an AA meeting where two people meet and have a connection, but there are some deeper seeded issues. It takes us through both of their journeys and how they abused alcohol over the years. Once you start to understand that the video is going through their past, you start to realize that meeting each other has been the best thing for them. They stayed sober for a year together and pushed one another to dump out their alcohol.

It takes us through the ups and downs of life and how staying sober is better than drinking your issues away. It’s something that some of us have dealt with ourselves or we know someone who has. “How Not To” gives us a heartbreaking taste of addiction and something that needs to be said. I have never watched a video this intense before. I can’t believe they were able to fit the story into three minutes and some change. It will tear at you and by the time it’s over, something has already changed in you.

This is exactly what music should be.

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