5 Fun Facts: Dan+Shay – Obsessed

Country music duo Dan+Shay is set to release their sophomore album titled Obsessed on June 3rd via Warner Music Nashville. Their first single from the new album titled “From The Ground Up” is currently in the top 30 and continues to climb the charts. Here are 5 reasons why you should certainly pick up a copy of Obsessed.

1.The Title Came Straight From The Fans

“The idea for the album title, Obsessed, came directly from our fans,” shares Dan Smyers.

“Our fans know we live on social media both when we’re in and out of the studio, and we started noticing that hashtag ‘#obsessed’ being tagged in all our fans’ posts when we first revealed our single, ‘From The Ground Up,’” Shay Mooney adds. “So when it came time to pick a title for this album, it seemed pretty appropriate that we’re even more obsessed with making music for our fans than they are to hear it.”

2.The Upbeat Tracks

In typical Dan+Shay style, the duo has many fun upbeat tracks on this album. For instance, “All Nighter” is a fun and free-spirited song that paints the picture of two people just having fun and enjoying their time together even if that means it’ll be an all-nighter. “Road Trippin” is another enjoyable track perfect for the anticipation of summer. Then you have “Already Ready” which is a mid-tempo romance, however, it’s a very playful and platonic track.

3.They Know How To Make A Love Song

Obviously their latest single “From The Ground Up” is the perfect indication that these two guys know how to make a good love song. So I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I heard “Round The Clock,” “Lately” and “Sway.” All of which are shaped with catchy melodies and romantic lyrics. Then there is the track that displays some heartache and sadness titled “How Not To” and it has the potential to be their next single. It’s one of the most approachable tracks on the album.

4. They Give A Whole New Meaning To Lipstick

“Lipstick” is one of the more well-made tracks on the album. It’s lyrically meaningful and it has some solid guitar riffs that are bound to catch your ears. The track can best be described as a inspirational song especially to women who are going through some struggles. Just put on your lipstick ladies, it’s bound to get better.

5. They Aren’t Afraid To Try A New Sound

Obsessed isn’t just the name of the album but it’s also the last track as well. It’s a very mature track filled with a lot of jazz instruments and a soulful resonance. A romantic ballad that is very different from their expected sound, Dan+Shay not only impresses, but also executed with their overall outcome.

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Author: Brittany Vance

West Virginia born & bred living life in the DMV. I believe in kind hearts & strong drinks. Mom of two boys and Autism advocate. Music is not only powerful but magical. In the words of Merle Haggard: Good music will live forever. I am here to share that music with each of you.

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