[email protected] Answers the #DBRequestLine a Final Time with @ArianaGrande @IggyAzalea #Problem (Watch!)

Danielle Bradbery has answered the #DBRequestLine one final time, covering Ariana Grande’s “Problem” (featuring Iggy Azalea). While Ariana possibly has one last problem without a certain guy in her life, her problems just multiplied again, considering a country singer barged in and covered her song … with no problem whatsoever. In fact, Danielle took another upbeat, Top 40 song, put an acoustic spin on it and, quite frankly, made it sound like it has never been released before this moment.

At the risk of sounding repetitive from past articles about Danielle’s covers, it must be said that her vocals are in a class of their own and have not been properly exposed to country music fans — yet. However, with the release of these ten, incredibly eclectic and uniquely delivered cover songs, Danielle has taken it upon herself to show everyone the extensiveness of her instrument. On just this song, she takes her voice all over the spectrum, conquering notes at the top of her range (or are they?) and easing back down into her low end without a “problem.”

Of particular note on this cover is the outstanding band behind Danielle during these request line videos. While they have been sensational on each of the ten, the instrumentality and musicality that went into recreating this track and altering it to fit Danielle’s style is flawless to say the very least. The videography, focusing on the piano and guitars, is also noteworthy on this video and deserves to be recognized for its artistry.

The country music industry certainly has one less problem with someone like Danielle Bradbery shaping its future; however, fans are going to be facing a problem in the days and weeks to come … withdrawal from these Tuesday treats from their favorite artist. Let’s all just hope that these ten weeks of brilliance were a plan to get fans ready for some exciting news in the very near future!

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