#CMchat Exclusive Interview: Darrin Morris Band

The Darrin Morris Band have a new single on the market that is beginning to make some waves among traditional Country Music fans, and according to the band’s namesake, “Where Will I Be” was a song he believed in from the start.

“We were headed back from doing a show up in Nebraska. Susan Giacona messaged me on Facebook.”

“(The song’s three co-writers) at the time, we didn’t know each other, but she had been following us. She’s written with some of the biggest songwriters in Nashville and Texas both. She contacted me and said she had a couple songs that she wanted me to listen to consider cutting them. The first time I heard it, I just knew that we needed to record this song. It’s a song that anybody who has been in any kind of relationship for any amount of time at all, and to have that relationship end for any reason, there’s a time in your life where all of a sudden, you’re doing things that you used to do together, and now you’re doing them by yourself, and you realize that the other person isn’t there anymore. I think it’s a song that can touch anybody if you’ve lived any amount of time at all.”

Music has always been an important part of Morris’ life, but he admitted to CMChat that it wasn’t always Country Music that he performed.

“My dad was a pastor for forty-eight years, and I grew up singing in church from when I was a little bitty kid. I didn’t start performing Country Music until I started this band about four years ago. I grew up loving Keith Whitley and Garth Brooks, and George Strait – those were my influences. But, I didn’t start performing it until me and some guys from church and I got the opportunity to perform at a  steakhouse just outside of Gilmer, Texas. We got together and put together a set list of enough songs to do about an hour.”

That sixty-minute performance turned into a regular gig.

“We did that, and the response from people who were there and that owned the steakhouse went really well. As time went on, more and more people asked us to play at different places. That’s just how it started. It snowballed from there.”

Now, the band is playing all over Texas and recently opened for Travis Tritt. Morris says that is something he never thought he would be doing.

“I never dreamed I would meet people like them who influenced me. I hope we get to do a lot more of that.”

The band is putting the final touches on a new album, tentatively scheduled for release later this year. He hopes that fans of all styles of the format will like what they hear.

“There seems to be a little bit of divide between what you would call traditional Country and mainstream Country. Honestly, when we started writing our own music – we sat down and we said ‘We love all the new stuff that is going on with Country Music these days. I have no problem with it, but I also really love the traditional sounds. What we really tried to do with our sound is to bring them together. We tried to come up with something different and unique. We want the traditional Country fans to relate to our music, but we also want to be current enough that the fans of the newer Country sounds would like our music as well. We just tried to bridge that gap and try to make a sound that would appeal to both.”

One surprising element to their crowds is the response they get to the classic sounds – and from who is doing the responding.

“We get more requests for people like George Jones and Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings amongst the younger generation than anything else we do. There is a big following for that traditional sound, there really is.”

And, just what it is about a Texas crowd that sets them apart? Morris advises they are very much into the moment.

“We’ve traveled to a few other states, and I don’t know how they all are, but when you go and play a Texas venue, you better bring your best dance music, because a Texas crowd loves to be on the dance floor. That is one thing I’ve noticed. I would definitely have a lot of dance songs on the playlist because they will stay out there all night long – which is really fun for us because everybody is having a good time.”

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Author: Chuck Dauphin

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