Darryl Worley Brings Us Back With “Lonely Alone”

Everyone has that certain pair of shoes that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away. The reason for that possessive nature is the fact that they are just so comfortable. They just feel good. And, in this day and age, comfort is far from a bad thing.

The music of Darryl Worley has much the same effect on a person. Since he first hit with “When You Need My Love” back in 2000, the West Tennessee native has scored with a variety of songs that appeal to fans’ love of God, Family, and Country. Along the way, the singer has also recorded some touching love songs, such as the mesmerizing “I Miss My Friend.” Now, Worley returns to Country Radio with a song that sounds very…..familiar – and in a good way.

One can’t help but listen to this tale of a man who realizes that he’s better off single than with someone who is simply filling up space in his life, and not be reminded of some of the format’s unsung heroes. While the song is not dated in any way, the song brings to mind such artists as Earl Thomas Conley or Mel Street. With his heartfelt twang, Worley delivers a fine vocal that rivals anything he has ever done. It’s a track that will give fans of traditional Country Music hope…and just might get them on the floor to two-step!

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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