Single Review: Drake White is #LivinTheDream by Giving the Dream

Drake White seems to be on every list of artists to watch including Huffington Post, Billboard and Rolling Stone for his music and his hit song “It Feels Good.” Now White is making headlines as an artist to watch for his community involvement and giving back to those in need.

While touring this summer, White will be “Livin’ The Dream” by Giving the Dream and teaming up with Ford Motor Company Fund to participate in local service projects in five cities around the country.

White has always seen the need to give back as an essential part of who he is. “Even before I had a public voice, giving back to the community has always been very important to me,” White said. “Whether I’m helping one family in my hometown in Alabama raise money for their urgent needs or helping a community with cleanup efforts after a storm, now that I have this platform it is more important to me than ever.”

drake white livin the dream ford giving the dream

“Ford, Country Music and community service have a long, rich history, dating back to Henry Ford, a big music fan and believer in making the world a better place,” said Yisel Cabrera, Community Relations Manager, Ford Motor Company Fund. “We are excited to join with Drake in fighting hunger, disaster relief, promoting safe driving and building stronger communities.”

White will help out projects in the following cities:

May 19                      Hartford, CT / Foodshare
June 4                       Los Angeles, CA / American Red Cross
July 2                        Detroit, MI / Habitat for Humanity
August 14                 Dallas, TX / Ford Driving Skills for Life
August 20                Boston, MA / Greater Boston Food Bank

Drake White’s latest single “Living the Dream” is both heartfelt and humbling and his actions are proof that he means every word he sings.

“Look at us with a picket fence
Don’t got a lot of money but we’re makin’ a dent
Old Ford truck with a dog in the back
Now, ain’t we livin’ the dream”

White is currently working on his debut album for Dot Records slated for release in 2016 and will be on Zac Brown Band’s Black Out the Sun Tour starting May 19. For the latest updates, visit and for more information on the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services visit their website.

Be sure to pick up Livin’ The Dream on iTunes.

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Drake White Livin the Dream


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