7 Reasons Why @DrewRBaldridge Dirt On Us Is A Must Have Album

Success begins with a dream, and for Cold River recording artist, Drew Baldridge, those initial dreams are beginning to blossom. Baldridge moved to Music City from his hometown of Patoka, Illinois in pursuit of a music career. Five years later, June 10, 2016 marked the release of Baldridge’s debut album, Dirt on Us. Here are 7 reasons why Dirt on Us is a must have album.

1. You’ll Get To Know Drew Baldridge

At his album release party, Baldridge stated that if you want to get to know him, Dirt on Us will explain him better than words alone. In true country music fashion, from start to finish, it elucidates his story.

2. It Will Make You Want To Dance

The funkified current single, “Train” insists that you join the Baldridge bandwagon. By the end of the track, you will have no choice but to bop your head along while shouting “woo-woo!” “Dance With Ya” has rapidly become a phenomenon from the groovy beat of the track down to the perfectly choreographed dance-line by Baldridge and his band at live shows. More up-tempo songs like “Everyday Night” will keep the momentum rolling while causing you to dance, whether that’s barefoot at home in the kitchen or glammed up for a night out on the town.

3. It’s Flirty

The continual clapping felt in “Curious Girl” captivates the feeling of intrigue when meeting someone new, and “Drama” describes the initial thoughts of a new love affair – nothing serious, no drama, just innocent flirtation.

4. It’s What You Need To Hear

If you need extra convincing that the person hitting you up immediately after their most recent break-up isn’t actually interested in you, “Rebound” is your song. Accompanied by enticing female vocals by co-writer Emily Weisband, it’s soft, sexy and boldly brave.

5. It’s Romantic

You’ll get in touch with Baldridge’s romantic side with songs like “Burnt Toast,” which glorifies the little quirks about a lover, “Everywhere I Go” which explains that the love between two people can be felt even when they’re apart, and the sensual song, “Love on Your Body,” which were all co-written by Baldridge.

6. It’s Country

There is much melding of genres in today’s country music, but songs such as “Town The World Forgot,” will throw you back a couple decades to when 90s country music ruled the airwaves. It’s an ode to small town life. The appropriately fitting title track, “Dirt on Us,” reflectively describes the feelings during adolescence and life while growing up in the country.

7. It Proclaims His Faith

Arguably, the boldest track on Dirt on Us is a valorous cover of the old hymn “It is Well,” which features Mike and Doug Baldridge. “Tractors Don’t Roll,” co-written by Baldridge, uses traditional country sounds to portray the melding of a small town lifestyle with a Sunday dedicated to Jesus and relaxation – “the one day of the week where tractors don’t roll.”

What’s your favorite song on the new album? Let me know at @TieraBolt. Be sure to pick up your copy of Dirt on Us at iTunes, and follow Drew Baldridge on Twitter and Facebook.

Drew Baldridge Dirt On Us

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