Drew Baldridge’s Latest Single Teaches how to be a “Gentle Man”

Since Drew Baldridge has emerged as an artist on the rise, he has experimented with different musical sounds while keeping his signature “Drew Baldridge” vocals with a touch of twang. His latest single, “Gentle Man” is just that; a slight twang in his confident country vocals, set to a different style of smooth, gentle music this time.

Written by Baldridge, Chris Yarber, and Robert Arthur, “Gentle Man” mesmerizes the listener musically, while teaching a few lessons on how to be a gentleman in life and love.

Lesson 1. “Soft, slow, nice and easy does it.”
These lyrics explain that even though a man may be rough and tough, being a little gentler when it comes to loving a woman is key.

Lesson 2. “Wanna hold every door for you.”
Men, listen up; chivalry isn’t dead. This is something so simple that can be done both in love and in life to represent a characteristic of a gentleman.

Lesson 3. “Want you to be the only one who sees this side of me.”
In love, a gentleman makes his woman feel special by sharing special moments and treatment that others don’t always get a glimpse of.

Gentle Man” is Drew Baldridge’s second release from his forthcoming sophomore album with Cold River Records. In preparation for the release of this track, Baldridge went back to his hometown of Patoka, Illinois to ask some of the role models in his life what being a gentleman means to them. If the song alone doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, this video will. There also seems to be a recurring theme: love. Watch the heartfelt responses from his family members in this video below.

If you love Drew Baldridge’s latest single, don’t forget to request it to your local country radio station, purchase it on iTunes, and add it to your playlist on Spotify.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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