Concert Review: Drew Baldridge and Morgan Myles in Medina, OH

Up-and-coming country artists Morgan Myles and Drew Baldridge recently brought their talents to the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, OH for a night of fantastic country music.

Myles set the stage for an incredible night by performing songs from her recently released EP Miss Morgan Myles, including “We Won’t Go Home” and “Queen of Hearts.” Two great songs to sing along to! Her voice is like Kelly Clarkson’s, hitting all the right notes and getting the crowd singing along. Myles was dressed beautifully and her style resembles that of Carrie Underwood. She threw in some covers of Madonna and Little Big Town. The crowd was so into it. Couples everywhere dancing and she even brought one up on stage. Her elegance was apparent to everyone in the audience. She genuinely cared for each of her fans and wanted to make sure they were all enjoying themselves.

Myles also sang Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” This cover was easily my favorite and I would argue that it was even better than the original. She took this song and made it her own in the best way possible. This girl has really got something and I want the whole world to know that Morgan Myles is irreplaceable. She is something country music needs. She has passion, love, and endurance to make it in country music and I am elated to be around for it.

Cassie and Morgan

Headliner Drew Baldridge got the crowd running back to the stage for Brooks and Dunn’s “Play Something Country” and Thomas Rhett’s “Make Me Wanna.” Baldridge was all over the stage dancing and singing. He is a mixture of Luke Bryan and Garth Brooks. He has this way that makes everyone want to dance. His smile and voice melted the hearts of all of the ladies in attendance. When you looked into the crowd no one took their eyes off of him. He was a magnet! Just being in that room you could feel the power of music. His band was so into it that they even had their own dances for songs, which got everyone in the crowd up and moving. His song “Rebound” showed a serious side. His vocal range was breathtaking. Baldridge sang “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks and Dunn following it up with a song from his first EP “She’s Taken.”

Baldridge was a natural on stage. It seemed as if he had been doing this for a long time. He is someone I would see and especially meet again. He took the time after the concert to meet everyone at the venue. His boy next door personality had everyone loving him by the end. He didn’t just shake your hand, but instead wrapped you up in a hug. Drew Baldridge looked you in the eyes and showed you that he was just a normal guy. How could someone be this funny, cute and charming? I guess we’ll never know.


I can’t wait to see where these two artists go. They were some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I will definitely be seeing them in concert again and I’ve listened to both of their albums more than I care to admit.

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