EP Review: Andrew Cooper – Hangovers and Heartache

Drew Cooper currently lives in Tucson, AZ, but as a born and bred product of the Heartland of Springfield, IL, he embodies the experiences and upbringings spoken about it in country music. His Red Dirt Country sound is unique to him, with inspiration from artists such as Chris Ledoux, Bruce Springsteen, and Pat Green. Cooper’s latest EP, Hangovers and Heartache, is a six-track collection of songs that will have your toes tapping along.

The upbeat, yet lyrically solemn title track, “Hangovers and Heartaches” chronicles the time spent in heartache every day after a break-up. It’s easy listening that is relatable to nearly every age group. “Pictures on The Wall” is another heartbreaking song, but for different reasons, as it speaks about raising a toast to those we have loved and lost.

Cooper showcases his ability to play more than purely country music with his rock infused songs such as “Hard to Ride,” and the gritty “Show The Devil How” which lyrically defends one’s ability to fight the evils of bad choices by showing the Devil how he won’t allow him to continue to be sucked in.

“Beat Up Broke Down” speaks about his love walking away, leaving him behind in a “beat up, broke down town” as she searches for “more” in the form of a big city. A slow, flowy beat echoes the sadness of the lyrics, but the encouraging piano notes provide a sense of hope that if all of those dreams fail, he will still be here to catch his love again.

To close out the dynamic EP, the raspy-voiced Cooper switches it all up and throws us for a loop with the slightly unexpected “Easy Girls.” Beginning with the line, “I like easy girls because they’re easy” and I’m suddenly scratching my head wondering where he’s going with this. As the song continues on, he lists all the simple things he enjoys in life – bonfires, whiskey, country on the radio, and having a little fun. With traditional country vibes, it appears that the “easy” he’s eluding to is simply a drama-free lady. (That is, until he throws us for another loop in the bridge, where the lyrics explain, “I like a girl with a couple of kids because there’s no doubt she puts out and she’d probably do it again.”)

You can download the full EP on iTunes, or add it to your Spotify playlist. Catch Drew Cooper perform live during Country Thunder in Florence, AZ in the Courtyard on Sunday April 10th from 6-7PM PDT (local time).

Drew Cooper

Author: Tiera Bolt

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