#BreakingTheIce With Dylan Schneider

Indiana native Dylan Scheider has made huge waves in the country music world lately. He is young, talented and extremely likable. His down to earth personality mixed with his ability to write a mesmerizing song makes him one of today’s fastest rising newcomers. Schneider has the full package.

1. Where are you answering these questions from and what are you wearing? (Be sure and include a selfie exclusive for cmchatlive)

“I’m currently chillin’ in my basement at my little studio set up where I like to write wearing a new outfit Young & Reckless sent me.”

2. What’s your official title and favorite thing about what you do?

“I’m a Country artist as well as a songwriter. I would have to say the thing I love about what I do is that it’s something I love doing. I’m not miserable working some job that I absolutely hate. I also love the creative freedom and the sense of being in charge of what I do and the music I make.”

3. What are 3 things that you CANNOT live without?

“My friends and family, music, and definitely food. Gotta have some good food to eat.”

4. What’s the first concert you’ve ever attended?

Jason Aldean with my dad at the Indy 500s first Legends Day Concert. It was probably the most anticipated thing ever for me. Before that, I had never been so passionate and loved something as much as I do country music. Despite the fact that I was sick with mono at the time, it’s one of the best memories I have.”

5. How long have you been playing music?

“A little over 3 years. I first took guitar lessons when I was 8 years old but didn’t have the patience to listen and go at such a slow speed. When I started getting into country music I had to pick it back up. So glad I did.”

6. What’s the hardest life lesson you’ve learned?

“That not everybody is always as they seem. I know that well now.”

7. Do you have a favorite restaurant in music city?

“My favorite place to hang is probably Wannabes on Broadway. Whenever we get a  group together to go down there, it’s always a good time.”

8. Beer or Whiskey?

“Aye, I’m only 17. Cmon now.”

9. Who is your favorite country singer from the 90’s?

Garth. He’s the man. Not only because of his music but he’s probably the best dude I’ve ever met.”

10.  If you could co-write with any songwriter, who would you pick and why?

“Definitely Matthew Ramsey. I think he is one of the best songwriters if not the best down in Nashville. The Old Dominion guys are geniuses. Would definitely love to get in a room with them. Wouldn’t hurt to throw Sam Hunt in on that one either.”

11.  Which do you enjoy most, writing songs or performing them?

“Definitely performing. Although I love to write songs, that’s honestly more work than the performance, and nothing’s better than seeing your fans sing along and enjoy your work.”

12.  What’s one gift you will never forget?

“When my parents got me my first acoustic guitar in December of 2013. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but they gave it to me 3 days early because Brett Eldredge had come back to his hometown of Paris, IL and was having a meet and greet. I took it and got it signed and everything. It was too cool.”

13.  What current event has your eyes and ears? What are you doing about it? 

“I just recently made a song about Sister Margaret Ann, the chainsaw-wielding nun who was helping clean up after the storms in Florida. A school down there actually reached out to me to tell me how awesome it was and that they had personally shown Sister Margaret Ann. They invited me to come sing at their school event which is going to be really cool”

14.  How do you think songwriters play a vital role in music today?

They write the songs!! A good voice is nothing without a great song to sing. You gotta be thankful for the songwriters that share their work with us artists.

15.  What’s one superpower you wish you had?

“The ability to teleport.”

16.  You’re making your favorite sandwich…what’s on it?

“I’ve been eating subway a lot and right now it’s nice and simple. Grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, green peppers, and banana peppers for a little flavor. Gotta love it!”

17.  Name one artist of any genre besides country that you are a fan of and tell us why?

Post Malone. That dude just makes good music. He’s not afraid to step out of the box either which is what I love. Today’s society is so different everybody listens to everything. Especially me. My music library looks like it would belong to ten different people. I respect a good artist that respect good music. Post Malone is one of them for sure.”

18.  What makes you laugh out loud?

“Watching an awkward situation take place.”

19.  Fill in the blank: It’s not a party until…

“I walk in. Duh.”

20.  Fill in the blank: Country music has made me…

“Love life!”

Author: Brittany Vance

West Virginia born & bred living life in the DMV. I believe in kind hearts & strong drinks. Mom of two boys and Autism advocate. Music is not only powerful but magical. In the words of Merle Haggard: Good music will live forever. I am here to share that music with each of you.

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