[email protected] Whips Out His Next Big Hit: #Clockwork

Easton Corbin, whose vocals are often compared to a young George Strait, can do no wrong with his song choices. The Florida native rolled out the gate with a hit, has been “all over the road,” and hasn’t made a wrong turn yet. His next single, “Clockwork,” is no exception to the rule.

Corbin’s latest sure-to-be hit can best be defined as a “booty call” song that explores the incidental emotions that seem to accompany most “friends with benefits” arrangements. “Clockwork” is about that girl that always calls at the exact same moment — that time when Corbin is alone and wishing for a companion — and, no matter how much his heart says “no,” his head screams “yes.” While Corbin knows the visit is merely carnal in nature, he finds himself falling each time she’s there and he always has to find a way to pick up the pieces when the night is over.

The corresponding music video paints the picture of a steamy relationship that purports to leave any feelings at the elevator shaft. However, the anguish on Corbin’s face portrays a different story. Each time his night caller disappears behind the elevator doors, he finds himself scrambling to put himself back together because, try as he might, his heart is more invested than he would like to admit. The climax comes at the end of the video when Corbin’s Friday night special do-si-dos with another woman who evidently also has his number on speed dial.

“Clockwork” will surely appeal to country music fans and radio personnel alike. And, similar to clockwork, it is certain Corbin will climb the charts with this next release like all of his singles past.

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