Single Review: Elizabeth Cook – Slow Pain

The five-word sentence that excites me more than “C’mon over Scott, open bar” is “New music by Elizabeth Cook.” I recently witnessed the Sirius XM Outlaw Radio Hostess of the daily Apron Strings program perform tracks from her upcoming June 17th release Exodus of Venus (her first full-length since 2010’s Welder) and it was obvious that Cook was baking up something delicious.

The first single off the new album is “Slow Pain,” a dramatic, yet ominous country burner that combines grinding and brooding guitars with Cook’s soulful and mournful southern vocals that are at times reminiscent of a downtrodden Stevie Nicks.

Cook has never shied away from brutally honest songs. “Slow Pain” is another example of the guttural depths she takes to deliver a memorable and honest song. Lyrically astute, Cook is more than willing to take listeners on the ride of a lifetime to drive a point home. Cliché free, she can sell longing, pain, joy and every emotion in between, and that’s what makes her one of the most respected artists on the left side of the dial.

Modern Country radio doesn’t have the Balls to play Elizabeth Cook. Shame on them. She would be a refreshing respite from the drop beats, raps and Bon Jovi poseur power chords that we are subjected to today. To be honest, I doubt she’d want to be a part of what’s coming out of Music Row anyway. She has her own sound and it’s one that no one can duplicate or effectively emulate.

Trust me. Pre-order Exodus of Venus at iTunes NOW!

Elizabeth Cook Exodus of Venus

Author: Country Cadre

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