Eric Church could have a Grammy baby!

Considering Eric Church has four solid Grammy nominations and a performance, it would make sense for him to be there. And come hell or high water he will be…unless…his wife goes into labor. Pretty legit excuse, right?

It could be a close call as Katherine is due to deliver the following week. She still wants to fly to the show though, so they’re trying to work it out. And even though they could at least be in the same location, it doesn’t mean it would make things easy if the baby decide to make an early appearance in the world.

“It’s bad both ways,” Church tells the Tennessean. “If she goes into labor at the Grammys, that will be an interesting night for all of us. I told her if we could just make it to the day after the Grammys we’re good.”

Either way, it looks like Eric could have A LOT to celebrate in February!


Author: Country Cadre

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