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Grammy nominee and multi-award winner, Eric Church, has been dominating country music for years, never failing to release albums, singles, and videos that leave fans and industry professionals in wonderment about how he has done it again.

With Church’s latest single “Talladega,” the routine remains the same … Church releases a song, radio immediately recognizes its value, it receives spin after spin, and those who listen to country music fall deeper in love with the shade-donning superstar. And, rightfully so. Talladega is a piece of musical magic that is deserving of any and all accolades it receives.

Today, Church released the music video for his most recent Top 10 song, an emotional song that shares a name with one of NASCAR’s most renowned tracks. While the song isn’t about racing, it reflects back on special times in Alabama with a loved one lost, expressing the desire to turn back time, hit pause, and revel in every moment.

The video depicts a reminiscent Church, who is fantastically expressive, despite his eyes being hidden by his staple sunglasses. Throughout the video, old home movies alternate with shots of Church alone under the stands as he sentimentally struts and sings, as well as large performance scenes with his band taking place on the Talladega track. The cinematic illustration of a man longing for the past captures viewers, taking them on a few laps around the emotional track during the duration of the music video.

Eric Church is undoubtedly in the winner’s circle with his latest single and video, “Talladega,” but let’s face it — are we really all that surprised that this artist is, once again, lapping the competition with his releases? His track record speaks for itself.

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Watch Eric Church’s “Talladega”

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