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Annie Bosko has entered the country music scene, emitting a feminine edginess like no other. A self-proclaimed tomboy growing up, the angel with a crooked halo possesses beauty, poise, relatability, and talent; all of which combine to equal the makings of a spectacular artist.

Annie grew up in California as one of five children. In fact, during our phone conversation, the entire family was home for the holidays, creating chaos around her; so much she had to finish our interview in her car. But her large family and energetic surroundings helped shape this country music up-and-comer into the spitfire she is today, and it was with their support she was able to pursue her dreams.

Looking back at her home videos is quite indicative of the path Annie would ultimately choose to travel as an adult, considering that she started performing for her family at around three years of age and found her way in front of a crowd at five. The impromptu family performances (which, essentially, were in front of crowds!) turned into singing engagements at football games, baptisms, and other large gatherings. However, it wasn’t until Annie was thirteen and got her first singing job with Disney that she realized she could build a career around her passion. After providing the vocals for Little Mermaid II’s ending credit song, a remake of the original film’s “Part of Your World,” Annie realized that music needed to very much be a part of her world moving forward.

While Annie opted to begin college in California at University of Southern California (“USC”), she knew that she truly didn’t have a backup plan in place and that any sacrifices she had to make to reach her destiny were worth it. Those sacrifices included foregoing a collegiate degree and leaving her family behind to move across the country, but those choices served as stepping stones toward Annie’s goal, thus ensuring that she never regretted any decision along the way.

I think that I probably miss my family the most because I’m across the country from them and we all live within three blocks of each other, and I come from a really big family. So, sure, I miss birthdays and my niece and nephews growing up, and that kind of stuff, which at times makes me feel like I’m the random aunt that lives far away, but on the other hand I think, you know, if music’s your calling, you have to look at all the really cool blessings that you’re giving to other people, and it’s a ministry in a sense that this is beyond a job. It’s something you can do to actually elevate people’s moods and joys and their souls, and I think when you look at it that way, all the stuff that it’s giving, all the sacrifices are worth it.

Considering Annie’s strong sense of family and unity, it should come as no surprise that her first single, “Crooked Halo” (which can be heard on Sirius XM’s The Highway), was inspired by her sister. Annie shared that at her little sister’s college graduation, someone said “Tina. She’s a little angel with a crooked halo!” Not only did Annie love the saying, but she loved the statement, laughing that her sister is an “angel child versus a golden child” and that “her halo is pretty straight.”

Taking a few simple words that came to her by chance, Annie teamed up with Nashville songwriter and producer Danny Myrick (Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan), put pen to paper, and created magic. The two cut the single and Annie independently made sure it fell into the right hands at Sirius XM.

As luck may have it, the first time Annie heard her single on the radio she was with her family and got to share the moment with those who have inspired her the most.

The greatest joy comes from me getting to share this with everyone who’s watched me do this for so long and I’ve been doing it forever. Forever. I’m going to be the fifteen year overnight success story. . . . I think people thought I was going to like blow up right after high school and I didn’t, it took a little bit longer, but on the other hand, I’m happy for that because I feel like my music is so much better. I know what I want to say. I’m such a better artist. I think for a long time I was a singer, but I sort of had to evolve as an artist.

From talking to Annie, it is abundantly clear that she exudes a level of badassery that most others could only dream of attaining. Further supporting this statement is her debut music video for her single “Crooked Halo,” which is chock full of strong, independent, and inspirational women like herself. Annie’s idea for the treatment came from the meaning behind the song, which is:

you’re a good girl, you have a good heart, but you have edge too and you have a personality too and you’re . . . a little different and you’re not the norm, but you’re someone to break the mold and break the stereotype, and it’s sort of empowering in that sense.

In determining how to relay the message of the song through a video, Annie realigned with Danny [Myrick] and picked his brain for the project. Danny pointed out Annie’s tomboyish background, filled with horseback riding, surfing, and riding dirt bikes, and thought it would be appropriate to feature some “cool chicks” who could channel that. Lo and behold, and through the power of social media and inadvertently scouting random locations, Annie connected with a female professional surfer, skateboarder, motorcyclist, cowgirl, and rounded the cast out with her own niece who resembled the “wide-eyed innocence [she] wanted to portray.”

With the success of “Crooked Halo” continuing to grow, Annie has her sights set on future projects, which include an EP in the first quarter of 2015 and a full-length album later in the year. She also is quite confident that female country artists are on their way back, because “with every revolution there is a counter-revolution” and with time will come a change, creating more opportunities for new artists like herself. Also substantiating her theory is the fact that Annie has some rather big names in country music collaborating with her, such as Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts and John Rich from Big & Rich, who obviously recognize the value women bring to the genre.

Even with these superstar collaborations, Annie is currently pounding the pavement and doing all the footwork to promote herself on her own whilst searching for a perfect fit with a record label. However, she has found the positive in the situation, expressing that the hard work and tenacity have helped her grow as an artist.

It allows you to be an artist and not sit around going from meeting to meeting. And it’s like “wait a second, what did you move here to do?” Well, you moved here to create music, to make videos, and you came to Nashville to be an artist and it was hard for a long time; I wasn’t allowing myself that ’cause I was just going from writing room to writing room, to meeting to meeting. And I’m like, “wait a second! I moved here to be an artist,” so now I’m going to let myself be that and do those things without people.

What Annie is doing next, and on her own accord, is playing big shows in Nashville, including a single release show on January 20th at 12th and Porter. Following the Nashville dates, she will be heading to her native west coast and doing a run closer to home.

Additionally, on January 5th, the “Crooked Halo Campaign” kicked off, which is a partnership between Annie and a Nashville-based charity, Mending Hearts (a women’s home), run by Annie’s friend Trina Frierson. Mending Hearts is a halfway house for women that provides them with shelter and assistance, and Annie will be contributing a portion of “Crooked Halo” proceeds throughout the months of January and February. To promote the campaign, Annie will feature some of these women on her website and social media accounts, interviewing them and explaining why they are “women with a crooked halo.”

Annie, who refers to herself as “the little engine that could,” is excited for what’s ahead, feeling extreme amounts of support from her fans, family, and friends who stand by her in admiration of her relentlessness to make every last dream a reality. And her inexorable drive shone when she made this impressionable statement:

If you want to be an artist, you don’t have to wait. Just go out and do it. 

This is why Annie Bosko is going to make it big in her craft; because she isn’t willing to settle for anything less than what she desires and what she knows she deserves. And what Annie deserves is everything this world has to offer, as she left me in awe and inspired by her messages of hopefulness, bravery, and confidence. There are people in this world you want to see thrive, and Annie Bosko is high on my list.

Watch Annie Bosko’s “Crooked Halo”

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