[email protected] Is Burning it Up with New Single #SippinOnFire (Listen!)

Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. “Florida Georgia Line isn’t country.” We have heard your outcries and recognize the musical anarchy that follows any and all Florida Georgia Line/country music-related events and releases. However, it is simply impossible for Country Music #CMchat to hop aboard the naysay train when it comes to a duo that is incomparably decorated in the genre.

With that being said, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have officially released the third single from their hit album Anything Goes, entitled “Sippin’ on Fire.” While the guys are still recovering from getting their “Sun Daze” on, the new song is already hot on Sirius XM The Highway and terrestrial radio across the nation.

Admittedly, “Sippin’ on Fire” is not pure country. Instead, it is a melting pot of musical influences and genres, incorporating electric guitars and special effects in conjunction with Hubbard and Kelley’s North Florida and Georgia twangy vocals. The subject of the song is a pair who seem to be avoiding the inevitable — their obvious connection with one another. Channeling the utter honesty that music fans always say they love about country, Florida Georgia Line begs the answer to the question:

Why should we go round and round the truth, like we been doin’? Every time we lie girl we’re losing. So why should we spend Saturday night alone, when I can call you on the phone, pick you up? Make it up as we go along, pull an all-nighter chasing that desire, sparks flying in her eyes like lighters, get a little higher, sippin’ on fire.

Yes, it’s unconventional country music and could easily find its way to a Top 40 radio station, but isn’t that true of many songs today? The fact remains that whatever Florida Georgia Line is selling, fans, the industry, and radio executives are buying, so they must be doing something right. Actually, in the time it took you to read this article, they probably burned up a chart somewhere.

Listen to Florida Georgia Line’s “Sippin’ on Fire”

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