[email protected] Moved to Tears by Fan During Tulsa Show (Watch!)

Garth Brooks concert news is never-ending, as the country icon is selling out shows and breaking records daily. What there is also no shortage of is incredible moments during these shows that make them even more special than statistics can show.

A couple of months ago, a video from a Garth Brooks show went viral, capturing him sharing a moment with a cancer patient. The woman, who was later identified as Teresa Shaw and who surprised Garth at the set of Entertainment Tonight on the day of his Man Against Machine album release, was gifted a guitar by “The Dance” singer as soon as he saw her sign reading “Chemo this morning. Garth tonight. Enjoying the dance.”

In Garth’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, another magical moment occurred, bringing Garth and show attendees to tears. During his performance of “That Summer,” Garth made contact with a Special Olympian, Nathan Putnam, who was holding up a photograph of himself with the singer standing in front of him.

The photograph was from the 2007 Stillwater Special Olympics and the medalist was determined to make sure Garth saw it. Though Nathan was ushered back to his seat twice by security, he finally caught the attention of Garth as he perused the circular stage. Motioning for a stagehand to retrieve the photograph for him, Garth recognized the setting and said “that’s Stillwater! That’s you and me!”

The interaction didn’t end there. Nathan then removed three Special Olympics medals hanging around his neck that he had won during swimming events in 2014 during the Norman, Oklahoma games and handed them to Garth as a gift. Garth was clearly touched by the gesture, as he stopped singing, removed his hat, and, once he was able to muster up the ability to return to his song, continued “That Summer” while placing each of the three medals around his neck individually.

If you thought that was the end of the story, you still have a lot to learn about Mr. Garth Brooks. He then lightly held the photograph between his lips and unplugged his guitar, handing it to the stagehands to relay to Nathan, offering him a spectacular souvenir in exchange for what had just received.

This is a video you must see. It will touch your heart immensely and bring you to tears in the way that Garth Brooks has been doing since his return to the spotlight. This, folks, is another reason why Garth Brooks is as timeless of an artist as they come.

Author: Country Cadre

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