From the mind of Country Music’s #CMchat Creator Jessica Northey comes the next generation of Online Entertainment #HeyStar!

#HeyStar! is a 24/7 Entertainment Hashtag community highlighting Celebrity Twitter Q&A Interviews aka Twitterviews with your favorite Television/Movie Stars, Athletes, Musicians and High Profile Personalities hosted by Multi-Media Personality Jessica Northey and Social Media Entertainment Correspondent Tommy Geraci.

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HEY STARS!!!!! Welcome…we always get STARted asking where you are and what you’re wearing?

CMChatLIVE.com and Country Music #CMchat platform are dedicated to delivering Country Music News and Entertainment information 24/7 showcasing a weekly Q&A style Twitterview with Country Music Celebrities on Monday from 6-7pPT/9-10pET hosted by Multi-Media Personality @JessicaNorthey.   Averaging between 25-75 Million impressions per week, during this hour long Twitterview, guests are asked about 10-12 questions for first 30-45 minutes, and usually take additional questions from fans/participants where they can. The “Twitterview” questions from @JessicaNorthey are the focus/priority, but actually come from the community as they are asked submit them in advance to be featured. We try to pick best ones or the ones that compliment PR/Promo stuff an Celebrity has going on me as well as just plain fun.

Q1 @CelebrityGuest describe who you are & what you do in 140 Characters? #HeyStar via @whoever
Celebrity uses their own Twitter account and the questions come from host @JessicaNorthey’s Twitter account and are generally answered like this:   A1: [ANSWER] #HeyStar  Or @JessicaNorthey A1: [ANSWER] #HeyStar
#HeyStar! kicked off  Summer 2015 and will have a temporary home right here  on CMchatlive.com. We will invite/encourage the #CMchat community to participate as we build this new one but we think that because not everyone online is a Country Music fan (for shame) but the majority of Country Music fans like entertainment, so we are anticipating it to be well received.
Follow along as we talk with Actors/Actresses, Athletes, High Profile Personalities and Musicians about their shows/movies, books, merchandising, charities, family, fun and whatever comes up that you want to know about.
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#CMchat’s weekly Twitter chat stats:
-Anywhere from 2,000-4,000+ contributors each week
-2,000-5,000 tweets per chat, over 2 million reach,
-Average 50 million timeline deliveries
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