High Valley’s New Album Reaches Great Heights

High Valley’s Brad and Curtis Rempel are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the top duos in modern country music.

Produced by Seth Mosley and Mike “X” O’Connor, their new full length album Dear Life is full of upbeat rocking songs that will have you dancing in the car on every road trip. Originally from a small town in northern Alberta, Canada these talented brothers have so many stories to tell and the lyrical and musical ability to not only accomplish that task, but also make it seem effortless.

Listening through High Valley’s album, the themes of staying true to who you are and making a life you’re proud of really felt prevalent to me. “Dear Life” is the story you wish you could say if it were ever possible to speak to a concept like you would to a person.  Meanwhile, “I Ain’t Changin” is the unapologetic anthem that says whether you live in a small farming town or in a big skyscraper city, be true to who you are. You don’t have to change “a letter of [your] last name, the way [you] talk or the way [you] pray” to fit in with popular opinion.


“Long Way Home” describes that elusive idea that sometimes we go off course and we may even get lost but in the end we will always find our way back to where we belong.  Similarly, “Memory Makin’” and “Roads We’ve Never Taken” profess the opportunities that arise when you take chances and do things you love because those are the moments you’ll remember when you’re thinking back on your life and telling stories to others about all you’ve done and who was there beside you.

High Valley sing together on every song throughout this album but occasionally one voice will stand out more than the other in certain songs. Such is the case in both “I Be U Be” and “Soldier,” where declarations are made about how another person can complete you and how hard you will fight to protect what is important to you.  In “Don’t Stop,” the brothers take time to slow it down and showcase a different side to their abilities. I’m going to call it the perseverance song on the album as they sing, “Don’t stop dreamin’ even if it don’t come true….when holding onto heaven’s all you got, don’t stop.”

The last three songs of the album would be my picks for radio singles or for being included on setlists for live shows. “The Only” is upbeat and catches my interest right away, but also posseses great sing along potential. Meanwhile, “Every Week’s Got A Friday” is a song I actually have heard on Canadian country radio a few times before I realized it was High Valley singing. It’s a feel good song and I think these guys can rock a crowd with it. Finally, “Young Forever” is a song I can definitely see ending up on a lot of playlists or being used as an encore with its high volume party vibe.

Overall, I think a lot of fans will be very happy with this record. I know some will consider a number of these tracks too pop for country music but those voices seem to pale in comparison to High Valley’s continuously growing international fan base. You can check out their website for tour dates at www.highvalleymusic.com and find their album Dear Life available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Is there a song that you really enjoy? Let me know what you think!


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