I’d bet this lil girl loves Kacey Musgraves more than you do…

The internet is full of adorable kids doing adorable things. But this is pretty stinkin’ adorable. Shane McAnally posted a video of his lil girl recently and that alone is cute worthy, but she  just happens to be very familiar with Kacey Musgraves. In fact, when Kacey’s video was shown to her she immediately shouts out who it is.  I love Kacey just as much as the next guy and even I don’t think my reaction to hearing Kacey would be that cute. I mean, she’s really pumped.  I think it’s pretty obvious she’s spent some time around the Grammy winner.

Which I think is pretty cool. I mean the fact Shane and Kacey have such a solid friendship outside of their working relationship proves the working couple that plays together…stays together.

At least that’s the idea. I mean I could probably name twenty or so people in the industry that doesn’t apply to or I could go the trash mag route and list the people who played a little too well together if you know what I mean but…I’ll close the lid on that right away because this post is all about the cuteness in the video.

Shane produced Kacey’s major label debut, Same Trailer Different Park, and rumor on the street is we will be seeing more from these two in the future. I hope we see more of Shane’s little girl in the future, too!

Until next time, this lid is closed – CM Chatterbox

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