Jacob Davis Promotes Real Love With Debut Single ‘What I Wanna Be’

If the name Jacob Davis sounds familiar to you, but you’re not sure why, you’ve likely seen him as the opener for his label-mate, Kelsea Ballerini on The First Time Tour. Signing with Black River Entertainment in 2016, Jacob Davis has recently released his debut single, “What I Wanna Be.” Co-written by Jacob Davis along with country music hit-makers, Forest Glen White and Adam Hambrick, it’s an upbeat song about vying for a girl’s heart in a genuine way, and “wanting to be” different – offering true love.

After slow, faded music in the beginning to grab attention, the single jumps right into addressing typical pick-up line shams as described in the lyric, “Another ‘hey what ya drinking’ from another cashmere craft beer clown.” The singer then inserts his dating style when he challenges, “I bet you a slow dance that I could change your mind.”

As it continues on, the lyrics back up his stance on how he doesn’t want to be “another thing that you think about when you think about love gone wrong,” because he doesn’t want it to be a “one night” thing. He’s after real love, and all the little things that accompany it. The beat slows to a gentle piano accompaniment in the bridge, emphasizing just what he wants to be, before driving his point home once more with the powerful chorus.

“What I Wanna Be” is just similar enough to the new direction of country music, yet unique enough to stamp its mark on the radio charts. Though it is less traditional country and more soul-pop-meets-modern country music, it’s a tune that will stick in your head right down to the very last note.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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