[email protected] Announces Next Single “What We Ain’t Got” (Listen!)

With a stark departure from his previous and expected islandish-sounding tunes from his album, Days of GoldJake Owen announces that “What We Ain’t Got” will be his next single. “What We Ain’t Got” is a power ballad on which we hear Jake’s voice in ways we have not yet heard play through our radios.

Heavily supplemented by piano and a sole guitar, Jake sings about how we, as people, always focus on what we don’t have and what might have been, rather than adopting the “right here, right now” mentality. The track circles around a lost love, demonstrating the realization that Jake didn’t recognize what he had until it was gone, but also points out the very common “grass is always greener” frame of mind.

In the lost love portion of the emotional and vocally rich offering, Jake croons “all I want is what I had, I’ll trade it all just to get her back. She’s moving on, but I guess I’m not. We all want what we ain’t got.” The vocal performance introduces us to a completely stripped down, vulnerable Jake that sings with desperation distinct from that in previous singles such as “Alone with You” and “Anywhere with You.” The simple track is only intensified by the addition of a female background vocalist joining in appropriately during the lines about the love that escaped him.

If you take anything away from this song, aside from opening your eyes to the incredible vocal prowess of Jake Owen, extract the beautiful message of embracing what has been given to you and all the wonderful things you have, instead of always wishing for something different, better, or more. You never know when your today will become your history and the thing you long for most.

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