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The country girl from Detroit, Jana Kramer, has gone and done it again. Proving that a Michigander can be every bit as country as a kid who grew up in Smalltown, USA, Jana’s new single “I Got the Boy” possesses a country melody, twangy vocals, and a genre-appropriate topic, combining to create a song that should assist the actress turned songstress in finding her way back to the charts.

“I Got the Boy” (penned by Jamie Lynn Spears, Connie Harrington, and Tim Nichols) is a slow tempo tune that compares first love to last love, with Jana taking on the role of the girl who had a certain boy’s heart before he grew up, moved on, and entered into an adult relationship. Jana sings of the young love she once shared with this particular guy, paralleling her experiences with those of the lucky woman who has become his forever. The chorus correlates:

I got the first kiss; she’ll get the last. She’s got the future; and I got the past. I got the class ring; she got the diamond and wedding band. I got the boy; and she got the man.

The verses of the song focus on Jana peering through the rearview mirror, looking back on her times with the boy who she found out, by virtue of a newspaper announcement, has vowed his love to another for eternity. Though she recognizes that their love was practically another lifetime ago, Jana can’t help but reminisce on their times together and consider the things she shared with her former love that his forever love will never experience.

The track bleeds of acceptance and the ability to move on without shutting out memories of a wonderful time in your life. Though Jana sings a song of longing, there is a clear cut line between the boy of the past and the man of the future; and the line is one with which she has come to terms.

Jana Kramer undoubtedly has the capability to choose a song with which her fans can relate while, likewise, sounding as if it could be the next big country radio hit. “I Got the Boy” comes as no exception to this rule and, whether Jana scored the boy in the end or not, she is about to score a hit by singing about him.

Listen to Jana Kramer’s “I Got the Boy”

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