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Success doesn’t happen overnight; it happens over years of long days and late nights. At a glance, social media maven Jessica Northey makes her craft appear so easy that she could be mistaken as an overnight success, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jessica, along with her four and half pound fluffy sidekick, Sissy Northey (@ImWithJessica), has worked long and hard to set trends and change social media as the world knows it.

Jessica Northey

Jessica grew up in Tucson, Arizona and attended the University of Arizona, where she studied Communications, Political Science, and Chemistry. However, it wasn’t the classroom that provided Jessica with the education she needed for the journey on which she was about to embark. Jessica grew up at racetracks around Arizona and spent much of her time at family-managed Corona Speedway (later becoming Tucson Raceway Park) owned by NASCAR’s France family and managed by NASCAR CEO, Brian France. During her time at the racetracks, Jessica learned the most valuable lesson of all — “most deals are done with a handshake, meaning all you have is your word, and the important things in life aren’t things.” This is the lesson Jessica has carried with her that has allowed her to find herself in the heads and hearts of so many people around the world from so many walks of life.

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Through the application of that which she learned from her humble beginnings, Jessica realized that media communications was her strength and helping others was in her soul. Whether working at a think tank in Washington, D.C. or her grandparents’ auto repair shop, she was drawn to conversation and learning the ins and outs of each person with whom she came into contact.  Having a gift for gab, Jessica ended up at a local radio station and sat as comfortably in the receptionist chair as she did the DJ booth, working her way up the chatty ladder.

One of the most diverse individuals you could ever meet, Jessica has served as a NASCAR official, a Senate Page, a process server, Miss Tucson Raceway Park, a broadcasting sales executive, an insurance agent, a spokesmodel, and a television/radio on-air personality, juggling some of these positions all at once and sleeping very little. Jessica has also been a contributor to many social and new media books and was a daily columnist for AllAccess, editor of Full Throttle Country, and a writer for Nashville Music Guide. Additionally, Jessica has been featured in Beyond Powerful RadioReturn on Influence, Your Network Is Your Net Worth, Women in High GearWashington Times, Forbes, Income Diary, Huffington Post, Social Media Explorer, Bit Rebels, Radio Ink, Fast Company, Social Caffeine, and many other publications. Jessica has also had the privilege of speaking at conferences, such as: New Media Expo, NAB, Conclave, Billboard Country Summit, Texas Music Chart, Twitter 140 Character Conference, Radio ConVergence, BrandsConf, Microsoft, Social Media 301, AllAccess Radio Summit, Brand Camp, Nielsen, and Arbitron (just to name a few). Jessica was also recently named host of a reality television show.

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Like many creative people with a thirst for success, Jessica is always considering her next big move. However, what separates Jessica from the rest is that she has the talent to identify her goals at night and take leaps toward them in the morning. Quite simply, Jessica goes to bed a dreamer and wakes up a doer. Through her visions, experience in country music radio, and innate ability to always foresee where the music industry and social media are heading, Country Music Chat (a.k.a. #CMchat) on Twitter and Twangout on Google+ were born. Serving as the host of each of these social media communities that never sleeps, Jessica has been able to bring country music stars into the homes of fans through question and answer “Twitterviews” and live streamed interactive video interviews from red carpets to tour buses. In connection with these ventures, Jessica founded/created, a country music blog that keeps fans constantly up-to-date on the latest news in the industry, while also providing entertainment to readers through exclusive features and unique editorials.

Jessica Northey

If you thought that was the end of Jessica’s endeavors, think again. This is one person who dreams big, works endlessly, and, therefore, succeeds always. Jessica also owns Finger Candy Media, LLC, a digital marketing boutique firm that assists celebrities, musicians, brands, and businesses with social media strategies to accomplish productivity goals. Jessica possesses a natural gift of understanding and identifying the value social media provides individuals and businesses and offers coaching, synchronizing, and streamlining of social media platforms to help her clients’ networks grow from thousands to millions.

Due to Jessica’s perception and her methodical approach of staying one step ahead of tomorrow, she hasn’t only interviewed stars; she has become one in her own right. With over two million followers in her personal online network, Jessica often receives accolades for being one of the Most Influential People and one of the Most Powerful Women in social media. Jessica has been coined a “Twitter Powerhouse;” one of “Twitter’s Top 75 Most ‘Badass Women;’” and one of the “20 Most Powerful People in Social Media.” Of particular notoriety, Jessica was also called a “Social Media Pioneer in the Music Industry,” by Forbes as well as its #2 “Female Social Media Power Influencer” and its #3 on the “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” overall list.

There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” Then, there is Jessica Northey in a class of her own. Jessica doesn’t only make things happen, she makes movements happen. Jessica has single-handedly changed the face of social media by relying on her intuition to predict what will happen next and stepping toward the future before the rest of her field. With Jessica’s Internet wingspan, her ever-growing list of impressive honors, and her talent, drive, and unparalleled knowledge, she has left her footprint on country music and the online community and continues to achieve things others would deem impossible.

Summarily, it’s Jessica Northey’s social media world and the rest of us are just living in it.

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