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Jo Dee Messina is one of my favorite vocalists of all time. Her voice is pure and chill-inducing, whether she is having fun with songs like “Bye Bye” or is belting it out with those like “Because You Love Me.” So, when word hit the Internet that Jo Dee was performing an unreleased song on her current tour and a video emerged, it was like there was a magnetic pull forcing me to drop everything I was doing and hit play. Thank goodness I did.

“Will You Love Me” is a song Jo Dee penned about a friendship that she thought was solid and stood on firm foundation. It was written about a friend whom Jo Dee believed was there for her during the ups and downs, the exciting times and the quiet ones in between. It wasn’t until the day she called her friend, left a message asking for support in her uphill climb back to superstardom, and never heard back that she realized the farce that was the relationship.

Jo Dee poured her heart and soul into the words of newly written “Will You Love Me” during a recent Delaware show. The chorus asks: “when the lights go down and the stage goes dim, when the silence is loud, will you love me? When the days grow cold and the high life fades, when the glory burns out, will I find you then? Will you love me, love me then?”

True to the varying emotions that one feels when he/she loses a friend or loved one out of nowhere, as well as the realization that perhaps the person wasn’t in the friendship for the right reasons, Jo Dee openly shows all her feelings through her delivery of this song. Beginning and ending as a vulnerable, piano-only song, Jo Dee sandwiches an explosive, and seemingly angry, song with a different feeling — one of loneliness and sadness. And, in typical Jo Dee fashion, the songstress successfully attacks the track, taking listeners through the stages of this kind of grief.

Jo Dee Messina fans are hopeful that “Will You Love Me” will resurface on another upcoming project from this country music powerhouse. Let the awaiting an announcement of more new music commence … now. In the meantime, click on the GhostTunes banner below and download Jo Dee’s latest album, Me.

Watch the video for “Will You Love Me” here:

Jo Dee Messina Me

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  1. Thank you, Ms. Swirsky, for featuring Jo Dee Messina's newest song and for the lovely review. I am so happy to have recorded the video and am thrilled that Jo Dee allowed me to share it with the world. It is such a wonderful song and it is a song that everyone can relate to and understand. Thank you, again, for providing another outlet for people to discover this song.

  2. I saw it in AC and completely agree with you! Either way it is a great song and I am very happy to be able to keep listening to it until there is an official recording.

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