Join Multi-Media Host & Blogger Rita Ballou on #CMchat

 Join Morning Show Host & blogger Rita Ballou aka @RawhideVelvet on Country Music Chat Monday October 8, 2012

If you are a part/fan of the Texas/Red Dirt music scene and feel that every band, singer, and musician makes amazing music and can do no wrong, you should log out immediately. Rita does not want you on her page. The purpose of Rawhide and Velvet is not to blindly kiss every artist’s ass, there are plenty of websites that do that. If you want your Red Dirt information delivered with brutal commentary and biting sarcasm, you are in the right place. Rita does it with style.

Too many of the fans have become brainwashed sheep and have just accepted the fact that their beloved music has become watered down, copycat crap. These bands have started taking themselves way too seriously and so have the fans. Rita is taking a stand. She is bringing you her opinions and wants you to feel free to do the same without the guilt. No one is safe and nothing is sacred.

Nothing in this blog is said to be pure fact and at best it is opinion, rumor, and conjecture. It is her brutally honest look at the “scene” with satire. It is what it is, so enjoy!

Rita, myself and Country Music Artist @DylanTaylorNOW will also be on doing a #Twangout on Google with Dylan performing a song or two. 

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You can participate in #CMchat by clicking on the hashtag, or using #CMchat in your tweets so they will show up in the stream for other chat participants to view.


Another way to view the chat is to use this link: and it will let you see the conversatoin in real-time at your own speed (its adjustable) and #CMchat hashtag will automatically appear on your tweets.


I love Rita’s disclaimer on her blog. It is simple and perfectly suits her. News and Opinion. Mostly Opinion. If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Read It.


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Rita Ballou took the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene by storm almost three years ago with her website  Rita has been described as the Perez Hilton of Texas Country music and love her or hate her, she is always entertaining. Rita delivers a fresh/snarky look on Texas/Red Dirt and mainstream music, celebrities, reality television and has become a must-read for over 50,000 fans a month.


Rita co-hosts a morning radio on Waco, Texas’s Shooter 929 radio station and her satirical essays can be found in Lone Star Music Magazine and her “Rita Rendezvous” columns are featured each month in Best in Texas Magazine. Other than on Shooter 929, you can hear Rita’s “All the Dirt in Red Dirt ” reports on 12 radio stations throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.


Rita is very active in The Boot Campaign, an organization that helps raise awareness of the challenges that the military face when they transition home for war.  Rita lives with her husband “Ike Turner Ballou” and their two Instagram infamous weenie dogs Dolly Parton and Dewey Cox in the small town of Gatesville, Texas




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The #CMchat community is an open-forum and you are always invited to use the hashtag to share Country Music information, news, music and and COUNTRY MUSIC CHAT because #CMchat IS “Where Country Music Meets You!


Past guests have included National charting and recording artists The Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels, Ronnie Milsap, Jamie O’Neal, Barbara Mandrell, Edens Edge, Sunny Sweeney, The Farm, David Nail, Jaida Dreyer, Gwen Sebastian, Steve Azar, Danny Gokey, Rhonda Vincent,  Darryl Worley, Shy Blakeman, Bigg Vinny Mack from Trailer Choir, David Bradley, Whitney Duncan, Dailey and Vincent, The Moonshine Bandits, Aaron Watson, Rachele Lynae, Craig Wayne Boyd, Cowboy Troy, Shooter Jennings, Colt Ford, Jason Crabb, Deborah Allen, Bridgette Tatum, Danny Myrick, Stealing Angels, Rick Monroe, Ray Scott, Charlotte Autry, Trent Tomlinson, DJ Miller, Darren Warren; Nine North Record’s Larry Pareigis; On-Air Personalities Big D and Bubba Morning Show, Andie Lynne, Radio Lia, Tony Thomas, Heather Froglear, Kaptian Jack and Buck Stevens; Online blogs/music industry communities Billboard, All Access, Country Music Is Love, Roughstock and The Country Site; TV Stars, Melissa Peterman from CMT’s Singing Bee, Curtis Grimes from NBC’s The Voice,  Paige Duke from CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama, Susan Hartman & Ali Dee from CMT’s Texas Women, Country Comedian Tom Mabe (Mabe in America on CMT),  Tom McMillan from Toms Wild Life on GAC; Internet sensations Payton Rae, CJaye LeRose, Josh Charles and Mary Sarah. 


You are welcome to come and watch, or jump in and ask guests and attendees questions.

#CMchat goes live every Monday at 6pm PST/9pm EST. The chat runs for one hour.Many people including artists, industry professionals and fans post valuable informationthroughout the week using the #CMchat hashtag in the Twitter stream.


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Author: Jessica Northey

Everyone asks “what exactly do you do Jessica?” What some of my family members say, “she tweets for a living” is my favorite, but really the title that puts food on the table is “Social Media Influencer,” the definition sounds simple, someone who influences others through social media, but I consider myself a Citizen Journalist broadcasting and entertaining with news, thoughts, opinions, delivering information in my own unique way. Famous for my ‘sass wit and straight from the hip’ style I’ve always been called a “Social Media Pioneer” in the music industry. I’m also an On-Air/Online Broadcasting Host and Personality, Digital Media Strategist, Country and Music Blogger/Journalist as well as a Nationally recognized Speaker and Founder of Country Music Chat, News and Views Entertainment Website My favorite accomplishment is starting the largest Country Music Hashtag community in the world Country Music’s #CMChat. It all started with a hunch...back in the early 2000’s I would dial up the internet via AOL and join chat rooms whilst watching my favorite programs on TV. Loved watching Reality Shows with my Mom in Tucson, and blowing her mind with how I always knew who was going home on the Bachelor or Big Brother. Don’t think she ever caught on that I was talking to people via computer on the East Coast, where it had already aired. (We didn’t have the uber-spoiler Twitter or Facebook to ruin results and awards shows for us yet.) I’ve been taking over the internet, one tweet at a time and have accumulated over 3 Million followers/friends/fans across all my Social Media networks. Over the years I’ve been consistently ranked as an influential online personality and even named as a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer. I was the first person Merle Haggard followed when he got on Twitter and spent the day with Garth Brooks at Twitter and Facebook when joined the social media world.

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