#CMchat Exclusive Interview: Jordan Davis

MCA Nashville newcomer Jordan Davis says he can’t believe the reaction to his debut release, “Singles You Up,” which has been moving up the charts as of late.

“It’s unbelievable. When you write music, and you put it out, then it’s up to the fans. There’s been an unbelievable response to it. It’s been really cool to see it week by week continually pick up some steam, and to gain some new fans along the way, which has been awesome.”

For the past six months or so, the singer has been making the rounds on his first radio tour. He says he wouldn’t take anything for the experience.

“There have been a lot of early mornings, a lot of doughnuts and pizza, a lot of planes, trains, and automobiles, but I’ve gotten to see some incredible cities that I never thought I would visit. I just got back from Portland, Maine, and I don’t know if a guy from Louisiana would ever have made it all the way up to Maine so I can check it off the list now. It’s been great to be meeting a lot of people along the way, and just getting to play music and see new cities. I could be doing a lot worse. I’m really enjoying it.”

Growing up in Shreveport – the heart of the Cajun Country – Davis his childhood was very much the norm for a lot of people who grew up there.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I live in Tennessee now, but Louisiana is always gonna be home. It was just a typical Louisiana upbringing. My dad was a big hunter, and my mom played piano at our church. Music was always going on at the house, and I was big into sports. So, it was a pretty regular Louisiana upbringing. I still love to get back as much as I can.”

His Louisiana upbringing also includes his college days in Baton Rouge at LSU – a place that he still bleeds for during sports season.

“I do – purple and gold. I don’t know how I did it. I’m still scratching my head, but I graduated from LSU in 2012. I am still a fan of what goes on Saturday nights in Death Valley. I’m gonna try to make it down for a couple of games this year.”

Davis says he is particularly excited about the Tigers’ chances this season with a new coach in town.

“Is there a better person for the job than Coach Orgeron? You can’t understand a word he says. He just sounds like LSU, and I love it.”

It’s an exciting time to be in the Davis family right now – and not just for Jordan’s rising success. His brother, Jacob, is signed to Black River, where he is making similar waves with his debut single “What I Wanna Be.” Jordan admits it’s been fun watching the charts each week.

“Jacob has a great song out too, and it’s really cool. I took a screen shot of the country charts a couple of weeks ago, and me and him were next to each other. I sent a message over to him about how cool that was that both of us were both doing what we love, and we both had songs out that are resonating, and fans are liking them. It definitely makes for a very happy mother back in Louisiana” 

He beams, although he offers that there is one aspect of her sons’ careers that she’s not too crazy about.

“She doesn’t like that we’re flying all the time because she’s not a big airplane person. But, once we check in, and let her know that we’re all good, she’s pretty excited.”

Davis has been performing around the United States in conjunction with his radio tour, and he feels that his music is starting to make an impact, judging from the reaction of audiences.

“Hearing your songs sung back to you, there’s no better feeling in the world. The live show has been something that we have really dived into the last couple of months. We’ve tried to make it the best show that we can.”

Before music took a hold of Davis, he did have a day job – although it’s one that he still looks back on with a great deal of pride.

“I graduated with a degree in environmental science/resource conservation. I went to work for a place called The Parish Group. I initially started with them doing residential erosion control stuff for up and coming neighborhoods that they were about to start construction on. I’ve always had a passion for the environment and leaving a better tomorrow. I was doing that for about six months before I decided to try the music thing. I still try to keep a hand in that. I’ve been able to do some stuff with a really cool organization called OCEARCH, which is about cleaning the oceans up and stabilizing the shark population. That’s one thing that I think is never going to die, and I think it’s really cool that I’m able to use music and mesh that with my other passion, which is a lot of environmental issues. It’s definitely a different route to get to music, but I’m glad I got here, for sure.”

Davis is currently putting the wraps on his debut release for the label, and one song that he is excited for fans to hear is the moody feel of “Leaving New Orleans,” which he said came to him when he was, leaving New Orleans.

“I started writing that one a Southwest plane, coming back from New Orleans. I was waiting to fly out, and I saw this sign – departing New Orleans, and I had the idea for a song about a guy who loses his girlfriend, so he leaves the city because everywhere he goes, he sees her. I wanted to capture the beauty of New Orleans, and some of my favorite things to do when I am down there. I married that with the story of a guy who is broken-hearted. It’s one of my favorite songs that are going to be on my record. It’s one that I love to play out live, as well.”


Author: Chuck Dauphin

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