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In 2014, Country Music #CMchat named Jordyn Stoddard a One to Watch, anticipating what was to come from the North Florida-based aspiring country music star. Now, at the beginning of 2015, Jordyn is celebrating the release of her first official single “Like Me ‘Til You Love Me,” and is preparing for March 9th, the date when her full-length album, Southern Tide, becomes available for public consumption.

Jordyn Stoddard is your every day girl — she plays lacrosse, she calls herself silly and weird (“maybe a little too weird?”), and looks forward to spending time with her friends and having fun. While Jordyn is your every day girl, she is anything but your average teenager.

Born and raised in Florida, Jordyn always knew what her future would hold — it was just a matter of what path she would take to reach her ultimate destination. From the time she was three, she was entertaining friends and family with a karaoke machine; and at the ripe old age of seven, Jordyn’s parents thought the time had come to bring her talents to the masses and signed her up to perform at a festival. What song did she choose? A Hilary Duff song because “it was my jam!” Though she didn’t walk out the winner that day, the experience forever changed her.

After a few  more  years of singing, Jordyn decided it was time to expand her horizons. At twelve-years-old, she picked up a guitar that she happened to have laying around.

I went on YouTube and they had this guy teaching chords, easy chords, and I sat there most of the day and taught myself these chords. I was sitting in my room and got this down, and I was teaching myself songs. Fast forward to a week, two weeks later, I signed up for a local competition. I told my parents “I want to play guitar for this festival.” And they were like “Jordyn, are you sure? You just started playing. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” I was like “Please! Just let me try it!” So I got up there being a beginner on the guitar and I played a song and I won the competition, and I got to open up for Easton Corbin.

Jordyn cites the opening slot for Easton Corbin as one of her favorite shows she has ever played, explaining that it was the first big gig she booked in her career. This particular event was also something that Jordyn believes helped her move forward with her music. She was forced to choose seven songs for her setlist, given only a three-day period, and she opted to challenge herself and learn each of the seven on the guitar in time to take the stage.

Now, Jordyn plays the guitar like an old pro, having taken lessons for the past several years. With the goal of becoming proficient in the instrument accomplished, she has her sights set on the bigger picture. This year, Jordyn is excited to have her album released, and is awaiting the day that she hears her own single on terrestrial radio and knows that the listeners are truly enjoying her work.

The single she hopes helps her satisfy this goal is the newly released and now available on iTunes “Like Me ‘Til You Love Me.” Jordyn’s first official single was penned by Eric Paslay and Matt Nolen and was a late addition to her debut album. Call it fate or happenstance, but Jordyn received several songs from her manager, even though her album was considered done, and she listened to each, not feeling any connections. That is until the last one played …

I was like “I love this song!” So I listened to it three times and made sure that I was obsessed with it, and I wanted it bad. I called my manager and was like “is there any way to get this song? This song is amazing!” He goes, “well, Jordyn, first off a guy’s singing the song,” which Eric Paslay was singing the demo, and he was like “so you have to put it in your key and you have to get everything sent out for what you want for Nashville in two days.” And I was like “I’ll get it to you by tonight!”

True to her word, the hardworking teenager had the song returned to her manager that evening, and two hours later, the song was hers. When she got to Nashville a couple of days later, the first track she recorded was “Like Me ‘Til You Love Me” — the last minute inclusion and lead single off her album.

Jordyn’s debut full-length album Southern Tide was eclectically inspired, as some of the artists she is most influenced by include Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks and Kenny Chesney. As far as content on the album, Jordyn is most excited to release relatable music that fans can truly understand and with which they can empathize. Whether she is singing of hanging out with friends, a new relationship, or a relationship that ended too soon, Jordyn sings of “everything you go through on a normal basis, and it’s not just me, it’s anybody.”

So, what’s next for Jordyn? Well, she hinted that there could maybe be a music video coming out soon for “Like Me ‘Til You Love Me” — maybe. And, of course, she is gearing up for her March 9th Southern Tide release, as well as a March 13th album drop party.

The southern tide is rolling in and Jordyn Stoddard will be surfing it straight to a successful career in country music. I can assure you, you won’t have to like her ’til you love her — you will simply love her from the very first note of her music.

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