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Singer/songwriter Josh Ward’s first single, “All About Lovin’,” off his upcoming fourth full-length studio album, More Than I Deserve, is already climbing the Texas Regional Radio Chart. The song was co-written by Brice Long, Terry McBride, and Chris Stapleton. The Houston, Texas, native has had nine consecutive number ones in his home state.

What made you realize that music was your career path?

“I put my first band together back in 2003 while I was still working a full-time job in the oilfield. We started out as weekend warriors playing every little honky-tonk and bar room that would have us, then by the Spring of 2004 the demand had grown so much that I made the choice to leave the oilfield and just go after it to become a full-time musician. I don’t know if it was a realization or it was just what felt right at the time, but here I am 14 years later and we’re still touring and recording.”

What makes your music unique?

“I think my music is something that people have been missing for a while, it’s music that brings out the emotion in people. We say this a lot but our show and our music, in general, makes you want to dance, music that makes you happy and music that makes you want to grab someone you love or maybe the one that got away and love on them a little bit.  There’s definitely a 90’s country music vibe in our sound, that was a great time in country music. We love that sound and doing what we can to keep it alive.”

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

“It’s good country music you can dance to!”

Favorite venue to play to date?

“Well, we just played a sold-out headlining show at the legendary Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX a few weeks ago – that was a bucket list show and venue, so right now, it’s definitely Gruene Hall!”

Dream venue to play?

“The Grand Ole Opry – without a doubt!”

Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part of the process?

“Real Life Experiences – all the songs I’ve written or co-written are 100% real life experiences. I don’t write just to write – it’s got to mean something to me. My favorite part of the process is just the creative side of it, seeing what I can pull from within and how it hits people when they hear it.”

How did you come to record “All About Lovin’” and decide to make the first song off the new album?

Terry McBride introduced me to the song.  I’ve always been a big fan of all 3 writers on this song, and I knew for sure this was going to be a cut on my record. We chose it for the first single because it’s the perfect spring/summer feel-good song.”

Hear “All About Lovin’

Your motto, “All grit and no quit,” how has that contributed to nine consecutive songs charting #1 in your native Texas?

“I worked my tail off for the number ones, we put out great quality music, we tour hard, we run a tight ship in our camp. You’ve got to be all in or not in at all. You can’t half-ass it down here, and that’s where the ‘all grit no quit’ comes into play.”

If you were driving cross-country and could only bring one CD, what would it be?

Keith Whitley – ‘Sad Songs and Waltzes'”

A movie of your life is being filmed – who are the leads?

“Man, that’s hard. Send Sam Elliott or Robert Duvall in – they could probably figure it out and portray the real Josh Ward!”

What are the five things you can’t live without?

“Faith, family, friends, hunting, and fishing…plus a little change in my pocket.”

If you were granted one wish, what would you ask for?

“This one is hard, too. I don’t ever ask for much. So I’d probably ask for continued success.”

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Author: Donna Block

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