[email protected] Follows Her Arrow Toward a Dancing Career (Watch!)

Kacey Musgraves has taken up a new hobby, made evident by her boyfriend’s (bandmate Misa Arriaga) Instagram account and his glaring support for his significant other’s dreams to work toward becoming a sugarplum fairy or background dancer on a major pop tour.

Just before Christmas, Kacey emerged from her same trailer, different park to scour the aisles of a store — dressed as Rudolph. While there, Kacey did what any Grammy winning country artist would do: A lyrical jig that seemed to be inspired by Elvis, Michael Phelps, and the Easter bunny.

This wasn’t Kacey’s first rodeo, as she also took time out of her headline touring and award winning to do the Target twerk, raising the bar a notch for Miley Cyrus by adding some fluorescent hand weights to the equation. This brought the good ole dance workout to a new level. Anyone else wondering which body parts Kacey was “targeting”? Badum!

the good old fashion target twerk.

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The moral of the story here is to follow your arrow wherever it points and to dance like no one’s watching; even though in Kacey’s case everyone is watching, courtesy of her boyfriend and his widespread social media accounts.

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