7 Times We Loved to Hate @KaceyMusgraves in #7QuickClicks

She is frequently unapologetic, occasionally unsupportive, often snarky, always unique, and we can’t help but love her through all of these moments … even when we hate her. Kacey Musgraves has certainly followed her own arrow in life, but, even more so, in the country music industry.

Kacey’s music pushes envelopes, while her behavior has been known to push buttons; however, you have to admit she is simply impossible to dislike, no matter what the current headline says about her. Because, at the end of the day, she is wildly talented, entertaining as all get out, drop dead gorgeous, and absolutely hilarious (have you seen her Walmart dancing reindeer and Target twerking videos?).

See? No matter how much she may make us crinkle our faces sometimes, we simply cannot help but adore her at those exact same moments. Here are seven times our favorite little walking contradiction made us love to hate her (in no particular order).

1. The begrudging handing over of “Mama’s Broken Heart” to Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Celebrates No. 1 Song "Mama's Broken Heart" In Nashville

The female artists who go back to their early Texas days have crossed paths many times. One of those was at Miranda’s wedding to Blake Shelton when she took the opportunity to pull Kacey aside and ask her if she could record “Mama’s Broken Heart,” a song penned by Kacey and longtime co-writers Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally. A week later, Miranda was given the contingent “OK” to record the song, but only if Kacey was able to sing harmonies on it. This led to a HUGE hit that we all love to sing in our cars, so really, you can’t be too mad at Kacey for playing hard to get.

2. The infamous b*tchy face when Miranda Lambert won the 2013 CMA Female Vocalist of the Year

kacey musgraves gives miranda lambert dirty look

Do you see a pattern forming here? It was the look viewed around the world … Kacey Musgraves stared blankly at Miranda Lambert as she accepted her CMA Award for Female Vocalist of the Year – an award for which Kacey was also nominated. Though Miranda paid tribute to each of her fellow nominees in her acceptance speech, Kacey wasn’t having it. But, honestly, she’s Kacey Musgraves — does she HAVE to have it? I think not.

3. The case of the stolen harmonica

Though the details here are #LAME because the Instagram post was deleted, the crux of the situation is that a disrespectful fan took Kacey’s harmonica during a concert, posted it on Instagram, and bragged about her newest possession. Rather than ignoring the thief, Kacey put her on blast, tweeting the IG post and opening the girl up to ridicule. See? There is Ms. Kacey Musgraves supporting Victims’ Rights!

4. Bobby Bones vs. Kacey Musgraves

In this corner, Bobby Bones. In that corner, Kacey Musgraves. Once upon a time, Bobby Bones edited an interview he did with Kacey and she was less than pleased with the results. Rather than being proactive and confronting Bobby about it mano y mano, Kacey did what any artist we love to hate would do and waited until the radio personality tweeted her. She then ignored him and later followed it up with a passive aggressive response for the world to see. Judging from the numbers of favorites and retweets, it looks like Kacey won the battle. How can you not love to hate a winner?

5. Kacey befriends Taylor Swift nemesis, Katy Perry


Typically becoming friends with a pop star and heading out on tour with her for a traveling “crossroads” event wouldn’t warrant disdain, but when that pop star is Katy Perry and there is verified “beef” with everyone’s favorite good girl, Taylor Swift, well, that’s a dark horse of a different color. Ringing in her twenty-sixth year, Kacey threw a retro rollerskating party, inviting tour mate and publicly acknowledged un-friend of Taylor Swift, enraging Swifties who were begging for country music solidarity. Our Country Music’s #CMchat team is more disappointed that we didn’t receive invites to the 1980’s themed celebration!


6. The many “Styles” of Kacey

Perhaps Kacey thought her music only moved in one direction, and that was toward the country music genre, but it appears that it has also appealed to British pop. As if hanging with the left shark in Taylor Swift’s childhood nightmares wasn’t enough, she also fielded a tweet of admiration from one of Taylor’s former flings, Harry Styles of One Direction. When Harry went global with a tweet about listening to Kacey’s music, rather than sending a meaningful 140 character or less message of gratitude, our snarky songstress replied with a tweet laden with confusion. The “WTF?!” emoji says it all, considering that was exactly what our faces looked like when we caught wind of this exchange too.

7. Saving Private Musgraves


At the 2014 CMA Awards, Kacey surprised us all with an unannounced duet with country music legend, Loretta Lynn. However, it was the discussion following the actual awards show that has made a lasting impression on the (dirty) minds of many. In the press room that night, Kacey shared with the media:

And just so y’all know, right before I sang, my panties came off. They were the stick-on kind, I mean, just look at this dress. They were stuck on, and then they weren’t stuck on, so I literally had to rip ’em off and throw them somewhere.

Our guess is she didn’t follow her arrow and peel the adhesive covering off correctly. Regardless, we salute Private Musgraves for her honesty.

See? You can’t REALLY hate Kacey Musgraves. Admit it — even when you do for a moment, you are loving her all the same. If you are one of the very few who truly does dislike the Grammy Award winner and makes it a mission to let people know, we offer you these sound words of advice: mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.

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