Kalie Shorr Stuns With New EP Slingshot

In a post-Taylor Swift country world radio is desperately seeking out someone to fill in those big shoes. Artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Lauren Alaina, Maren Morris, And Raelynn are doing their part. It’s time to add Kalie Shorr to that list! Just take a listen to her EP Slingshot

“Fight Like A Girl”

“Fight Like A Girl” starts this EP off on such a powerful note. This song is an anthem. Growing up being “like a girl” was always an insult. It takes me back to The Sandlot’s famous line “you play ball like a girl!” It hasn’t always been easy for strong women who are proud of being a girl. This song is an inspiration to any girl- no matter what age. Kalie Shorr is who every little girl needs to look up to, showing us that emotions and toughness are one in the same.

I fight tough, I fight hard, I fight fair. Wonʼt stop fighting til I get there. I ainʼt afraid to cry. I ainʼt afraid to fight.

“He’s Just Not That Into You”

This. YES THIS is everything I want in a good heartbreak song. It’s completely catchy and relatable. I’m singing along after the first chorus! Ladies, we’ve all been there, right? I mean this guy is hanging around but gives you excuses. Stop giving him your time and listening to Kalie Shorr“He’s Just Not That Into You.”

“Love Like That”

The drum fills remind me more of a swing beat which captivates me. I love the easy-going tone and the lyrics are clever. Her vocals really shine during this song and remind me of Raelynn and Kelsea Ballerini. She’s a veteran in her songwriting and it shows here.

“Nothin’ New”

This song differentiates Kalie Shorr from most, a softer approach much like Laura Bell Bundy. The lyrics remind you of a Taylor Swift song, but Kalie Shorr penned the lyrics herself. Her ability to change a sad song into a more hopeful song is a true talent. You’ll finish the song wondering what to make of it. I love how this song makes you think and each verse is something different. “Nothin’ New” is song that every girl has felt emotionally.

“Odds Are”

The last song changes moods and it’s a song you jam out with your girlfriends in the summer. I love the lighthearted beat, but deep meaning to the song. It’s a jam but definitely looks on the hopeful side of each situation. I love how she stops before the chorus and her vocals elevate before that familiar chorus starts up once again.

Kalie Shorr is your next “Women of Country” generation. Her lyrical choices on Slingshot show how much she understands girls of all ages and that she’s wise beyond her years.

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